Response from URA to Luo Zhixiangs swimming pool construction: a maximum fine of $69000 can be forcibly demolished

 Response from URA to Luo Zhixiangs swimming pool construction: a maximum fine of $69000 can be forcibly demolished

In response, the Taipei City Construction and Management Office pointed out that Luo Zhixiang wanted to add an air swimming pool must first apply for a change in the use license. In addition, the swimming pool involves water consumption and building bearing capacity, so it is also necessary to apply for structural reinforcement works. In addition, the location of the swimming pool should also be clarified whether the public property rights of the building are involved.

According to the building management office, the interior decoration part of Luo Zhixiangs mansion has applied to the Taipei Association of architects for examination and approval, and has applied for completion inspection at the end of October this year. According to the building law, the swimming pool belongs to miscellaneous work. If a swimming pool is added on the roof, the practicing architect should be entrusted to change the use license and apply for the miscellaneous license. In addition to reviewing whether the load of the roof slab meets the requirements, the consent of the co owner of the roof should be obtained.

If the second construction of a swimming pool without authorization involves violation of item 2 of Article 73 of the construction law, a fine of more than 60000 yuan (about 14000 yuan) and less than 300000 yuan (about 69000 yuan) shall be imposed in accordance with Article 91 of the same law, and continuous punishment may be imposed. If necessary, it must be removed by force.

It is reported that on November 30, Luo Zhixiang had a dispute with his neighbors over the renovation of the top floor of his mansion, and the renovation that had already started was also asked to stop work. The reason for this is that Luo Zhixiang plans to transform a high-altitude outdoor swimming pool on the top floor of his mansion, and has already started construction. Later, the matter attracted the dissatisfaction of the residents on the same floor. After the property company was asked to stop work, Luo Zhixiang said that he had sought the consent of the residents downstairs.

It is worth mentioning that the house downstairs is also owned by Luo Zhixiang. According to the report of Taiwan media, Luo Zhixiang bought two houses on the 17th floor here in 2013, and then he bought the top 23 floor of the same building in 2018, which is the same as connecting the two families. This time, Luo Zhixiang wanted to transform the air swimming pool and had a dispute with his neighbors, that is, the 23 floors were covered. So far, Luo Zhixiang has suspended the construction.

For this matter, Luo Zhixiangs agent has also made a response, saying that it is only the general roof terrace landscaping, and is in compliance with community regulations.

It is understood that the 22 story mansion purchased by Luo Zhixiang has directly connected the two families. In other words, Luo Zhixiang owns four families in this area, with a value of nearly 500 million yuan.

Luo Zhixiangs renovation of the swimming pool in a 100 million penthouse has aroused dissatisfaction from neighbors. Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Liu Jiaxin_ NBJS11395