Shenzhen to levy real estate tax? Owner group frying pan official response: fake

 Shenzhen to levy real estate tax? Owner group frying pan official response: fake

Will Shenzhen levy real estate tax next year?

Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development: fake!

Recently, a screenshot has been spread all over the Shenzhen real estate circle. Many developers said that if this is the case, the residence will be cool, and the investors who have more than one suite in their hands cant help but be surprised.

According to the news, Shenzhen will begin to levy real estate tax on a pilot basis from January 1, next year. The object of the levy is commercial housing in Shenzhen and Shenzhen Shantou cooperation zone.

According to the tax collection requirements in the following plan, if there are more than two sets of houses, they will be assessed by the housing market evaluation price * 1.5% / year, 2.5% / year and 4.5% / year respectively.

According to the first finance and economics report, the staff said on the matter: the source of information circulating from outside is unknown, we will not make any response, everything is subject to the official information released by our bureau.

Shenzhens official response to holding real estate on behalf of others

Under investigation, violation will be dealt with seriously!

A few days ago, the opening of wanghong real estate in Shenzhen, China Resources City, created a magic scene of building new wealth in the property market.

Recently, Nanshan district network red plate, China Resources City Runxi phase I opened, with the lowest price of 10 million starting houses, obtained 9687 valid good faith registration numbers, and frozen funds as high as 33.905 billion yuan! After the opening of the project, 1171 suites were sold out in 13 hours, with a collection of 19.6 billion yuan.

It is understood that the most popular house selection site is large-scale, with a total price of more than 20 million yuan.

And the most important thing is that, at present, run three units listed 170000-180000, of which the average price difference is at least 40000-50000. If you buy a 100 square meter, you can earn at least 5 million, which is almost a lottery first prize.

After the introduction of the new real estate policy in Shenzhen on July 15 this year, the second-hand housing market finally stalled after experiencing a round of soaring. In the case of the first and second-hand house prices hanging upside down, the markets vision has turned to strike new. Recently, Shenzhen China Resources City Runxi phase I, which has been watched by the Da Xin group, has emerged in an endless stream due to the huge arbitrage space, such as crowdfunding for new and purchasing houses on behalf of others.

According to the securities times, a manager of a financial company said that if they are eager to make a new house in the recent new housing boom, there are still people in the market who can help to operate the house holding agent, that is, both parties to the house purchase sign a real estate holding agreement (i.e. a house purchase contract by borrowing the name). More intermediaries said that the price of holding on behalf quota in Shenzhen market is very high, and the holding price of hot new stocks has even reached six figures.

Xiaozhang, a prospective agent who was targeted by an investor, told the reporter that he had been pulled into a group by several investors to discuss playing some hot new stocks in the Shenzhen market together. However, Zhang and the investor need to sign a housing agency agreement privately, and the final reward to Xiaozhang is 300000 yuan.

It means that when the house can be sold five to six years later, it will be operated according to the second-hand house transaction process, and the investors will pay for the money after the sale. If it is the time when investors have their own housing tickets, they will transfer their ownership to themselves, but this situation is rare, because in most cases, several investors jointly speculate in real estate. I also have to cooperate with investors to go through various notarization procedures, Zhang said. To put it bluntly, I am not allowed to dispose of the property without authorization during the holding period.

On November 30, Zhang xuefan, director of the Shenzhen housing and Construction Bureau and Secretary of the Party group, said in an interview with the media that the government departments are studying comprehensive control policies to resolutely crack down on speculation in the market in view of the current inverted prices of first-hand and second-hand houses and the speculation reflected by the media.

Zhang xuefan said that the competent government departments attach great importance to the situation and are investigating and dealing with the medias speculation in real estate on behalf of others. Once violations are found, they will be dealt with seriously in accordance with the law.

Zhang xuefan said:

Shenzhen firmly implements the positioning of the house is for living, not for speculation, resolutely implements the central real estate regulation and control policy, and strictly implements the new Shenzhen eight articles issued on July 15.

In view of the current situation that the prices of first-hand and second-hand houses are hanging upside down and the media reports that they hold and speculate on behalf of others, the government departments are studying comprehensive control policies to resolutely crack down on speculation and speculation in the market.

Real estate companies have also issued documents to warn of risks

Wanke subsidiary Wanke Nanchengs project, lishanhai home, is in the subscription stage. Today, it reminds buyers of market change risks and loan risks. In view of the new hot phenomenon in Shenzhen, it is not ruled out that the relevant regulatory authorities will issue policies to ensure the implementation of the policy of no speculation in housing and prompt the risk of house purchasers.

In the proposal, Vanke said that in view of some new situations and problems in the Shenzhen market, in order to implement the national policy of no speculation on housing and protect the legitimate rights and interests of customers, customers are requested to pay attention to the relevant risks when purchasing Gushan haijiayuan.

On the evening of 30th, China Resources City Runxi phase I of Shenzhen wanghong real estate, named by the central media, has just released the proposal to jointly practice the real estate without speculation with the majority of customers. The article said that in view of the phenomenon of hit the new craze in the real estate market in Shenzhen, relevant government regulatory departments should not be ruled out, so as to ensure the implementation of the policy of real estate without speculation and prompt the risk of purchasing houses on behalf of others.

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