Bitcoin hits a record high in 24 hours

 Bitcoin hits a record high in 24 hours

At present, bitcoin price has exceeded the high of 19666 US dollars / piece in December 2017.

In the past 24 hours, bitcoins trend has been steadily rising as shown in the figure below.

According to the statistics of bitcoin, in the past 24 hours, traders who borrowed money to buy bitcoin have burst into positions of 272 million US dollars (about 1.787 billion yuan). In 24 hours, 24163 people were victims of the explosion.

Last Thursday, bitcoin, which had been booming in the year, climbed all the way to a high level of nearly 19000 US dollars, and then immediately launched a high platform diving. At one time, bitcoin plummeted by 14% to US $16227, and nearly US $3000 within 24 hours.

Tonight air force is doomed to sleep

Some netizens said: the air force tonight is doomed to sleep.

Hot search is the signal to run away

This kind breaks the record high, does not believe several short positions dare to hold the position overnight, seeks the death..

Source: daily economic news from bitcoin home, Meijing app and Sina Weibo

Source: Chen Hequn, editor in charge of daily economic news_ NB12679