Too much! He Changxi sent an article denouncing illegitimate, saying that fans had carried luggage home

 Too much! He Changxi sent an article denouncing illegitimate, saying that fans had carried luggage home

Netease Entertainment reported on December 1. On December 1, he Changxi posted an article on the social platform to reveal that he had been harassed by illegitimate life recently. He often received disturbing calls from fans on his private mobile phone. He also said that some fans had been carrying luggage home. He said that such behavior has seriously affected the lives of himself and his family and hoped that everyone could give more private space.

Why is Chang Xis full text as follows:

The social platform was meant to share life with you, and I didnt mean to disturb you about it. But recently, I often received disturbing calls from some fans on my private mobile phone. Some fans flew to my home with their luggage. This behavior has seriously affected the life of my family. First of all, thank you for your love and support, but also hope to give me more personal space, thank you for understanding. Its getting cold. Pay attention to your health.

It is reported that he Changxi participated in the variety show youth has you in January 2019, and became one of the nine members of unite. In September, he joined the role competition to perform the reality show actor, please be in position for the second season, performed petition and painted skin and other segments, which attracted wide attention of netizens.

After he Changxis performance, director Guo Jingming gave he Changxi an s card, which aroused heated discussion among netizens. Many netizens said that he Changxis performance was not enough to obtain the card. Li Chengru, an old dramatist, also questioned I dont like all kinds of methods of turning hands for rain and covering hands for clouds.

Guo Jingming responded that the director can issue S-card according to his own heart, you can not like it, but please allow it to exist. The two insisted on their own words and did not give in to each other. The scene atmosphere was very serious, and he Changxi, a new actor, was put into the focus of public opinion.

On October 11, he Changxi made a response to the incident. He said that he was a new actor and took part in the program with a little confidence in singing, dancing and variety show. However, after the first performance, he was poured a basin of cold water, and he was still far from good.

Many netizens also cheered for he Changxi in the comment area: Xi Xi, continue to refuel and make progress together! As a new actor, there are too many areas to improve, so keep trying to prove yourself with strength!

The modeling of he Changxis Painted Skin

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Liu Jiaxin_ NBJS11395