MS: thats not very good

 MS: thats not very good

Netease Entertainment reported on December 1, in the morning of December 1, in the news of sun drying and knee swelling published by Xiaos, some fans commented: Lin Zhiling fans only have 19 million babies, and Xiaos, with 44 million fans, happily replied: thats not too good!

And fans commented, my dear little s! She has never been a Buddhist. As long as she stands on the stage, she is the most dazzling woman. Her talent and hard work will make her glow at that moment. You are the most powerful, IPSS, gifted actress, powerful actress, and do what she says Thank you! You know me.

It is understood that netizens often compare Xiaos with Lin Zhiling. Before that, Xiaos had taken beautiful photos on social platforms, and some netizens commented that she was not as beautiful as Lin Zhiling. However, Xiaos did not show any weakness. She was domineering and said, get out!

Previously, on October 25, Xiaos updated a plain face photo in the evening, saying that she couldnt sleep, and wrote: you must say its only 10 oclock, what do you sleep? Dont forget to boast: but at this time I cant sleep, very beautiful! The point

In this regard, a netizen commented: Lin Zhiling goes to bed at eight oclock. Instantly become the highlight of the comment area.

Previously, on August 26, Xiaos sun out a self photo and said: nothing, I feel very beautiful! In the photo, s is wearing a floral vest with her hair tied in the back of her head and her face painted with light makeup. She looks energetic. Netizens also praised one after another: its very beautiful. dont talk such nonsense if you dont have anything to do with it. Youre very nice in the first place and leave some way for others.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Liu Jiaxin_ NBJS11395