Mou girl Liu haocun and Yi Bu Qianxi co star as a tumor youth

 Mou girl Liu haocun and Yi Bu Qianxi co star as a tumor youth

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Give you a little red flower treasure version preview (source: Netease Entertainment)

In the preview, Wei Yihang, a Cancer boy who claims to be able to see the future, meets Ma Xiaoyuan, a cancer girl who believes in parallel world. On the terrace at night, they look into the night sky and describe the beautiful world they yearn for. Listen carefully to the background sound, you can hear the sound of the monitor, the breath of the respirator, and the tick of the clock, all of which are symbols of the scale of life. Their normal life and normal life disappeared.

In the dialogue between Wei Yihang and Ma Xiaoyuan, being a normal person and going to school and graduation normally have become their ideal life. For us, the ordinary life available to us has become the yearning of these two young people. The topic of cherish is the best summary of the two young peoples life stories. It is also the best reminder to all of us: cherish and live actively. Sometimes what you think is ordinary is the desire that others cant reach.

In addition, send you a little red flower also released the role stills, Yi closed Qian Xi, Liu haocun, Zhu Yuanyuan, Gao Yalin, Xia Yu and Yue Yunpengs role in the film exposed.

Treasure is the key word in 2020. Looking back on the coming year, I really experienced so much that I didnt want to lose anything. On the last day of 2020, feel a warm and healing story with your cherished family, friends or that person. This little red flower is given to every positive life of you.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Jiang caiwen_ NBJS12656