Guan Xiaotong: Im not good enough

 Guan Xiaotong: Im not good enough

Previously, Guan Xiaotong talked about some of her experience in variety shows at the Golden Rooster Awards. However, many fans expressed dissatisfaction in the official micro blog of the studio. She said frankly that she had no career ambition after falling in love. Do you still know that you are an actor? Guan Xiaotongs late night article lamented, suspected to be a response to fans comments.

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Guan Xiaotong (source: Netease Entertainment)

Prior to this, a section of Guan Xiaotongs previous interviews flowed out, causing controversy among netizens. In an interview, Guan Xiaotong was asked about the stem of the recently popular runaway princess. She claimed that she was a runaway gege and made an ancient gesture of greeting. Some netizens said that she was very artificial, while others said that she was making fun of herself.

When asked about the surname of his ancestors in a program, Guan Xiaotong said with pride that he was guaerjia. Later, other guests on the show called her the little princess. Once broadcast, this clip caused controversy. Many netizens said: the Qing Dynasty is dead. Everyone is equal. There is no princess or nobleman..

Guan Xiaotong has participated in variety shows frequently in recent years, but there are few works. Alice on the moon, starring Guan Xiaotong and Huang Jingyu, was released in November. Although the film was highly anticipated by netizens before its release, its box office performance was very poor.

Even some well-known film bloggers published their feelings after watching the film, advising everyone not to step on thunder, saying frankly: hot search is all fake, rotten films, dont watch, do not watch.

Guan Xiaotongs fans are naturally dissatisfied with this. They attack the blogger one after another, abusing the bloggers articles, and claiming that the blogger deliberately guides the bad reviews to earn traffic for himself.

He also convinced the owner to let him say that it was Lu Hans fans who scolded him at first, and threw the pot to Lu Hans powder. This series of operations is really confusing. After the matter gradually subsided, the owner of Caibo sent an article saying that the matter should have ended, but he was reported by Guan Xiaotongs fans again. A series of operations were confusing.

Guan Xiaotong gym big show good figure, exercise too tired to be able to exercise, movie blogger was scolded by Guan Xiaotong fans for calling his new work rotten film Guan Xiaotong calls himself guarjias runaway grid netizen: dont hype this article source: Netease Entertainment editor: Liu Jiaxin_ NBJS11395