My husband? Comparison of Li Ronghao and Chai gou

 My husband? Comparison of Li Ronghao and Chai gou

The onlookers left messages one after another, my husbands own pit, well done, this is my wife. are you the biggest black powder of my brother-in-law? Some people also comforted Li Ronghao, brother Hao is not angry, this is the performance that his wife missed you at night..

She had previously posted a picture of a dog on a social networking platform and wrote, Li Ronghao, the dog world.. The dog in the picture sits on the ground and looks at the distance with melancholy eyes, which is somewhat like Li Ronghao.

It is reported that on July 11, 2019, Li Ronghao announced that he had successfully proposed to Yang Chenglin. On September 19 of the same year, Yang Chenglin publicly admitted that the two had received the certificate. Since their marriage, they have been very high-profile and often show their love on social platforms.

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Li Ronghao (source: Netease Entertainment)

Recently, in a music program in which Li Ronghao served as the judge, a contestant sang Yang Chenglins song rain love. After she finished singing, Xie Tingfeng said, this song is well chosen. Is it the song of sister-in-law? Its not sister-in-laws song, its singer Cheng Lins song, Li Ronghao said Hearing this answer, the judges and the audience said that they were surprised to be shown love, and netizens also called out too sweet!

Rainie Yang and her husband Li Ronghao novel coronavirus pneumonia this year, because of the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, become distant couples. In July 3rd, Rainie Yang once made a dynamic sigh: todays 100th days, separated too long. And match with a cry expression symbol, fully show the mood of missing her husband.

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