A new romance? She returned to the hotel after being picked up by a mysterious man

 A new romance? She returned to the hotel after being picked up by a mysterious man

When she got to the basement, she directly took the drivers seat, while the man sat in the back of the car, very cautious.

After arriving at the hotel, the assistant and the mysterious man got off to check in at the front desk, and then she showed up.

After changing their clothes in the hotel, she Qingzi and the mysterious man appeared in a shopping mall for shopping. After shopping, they returned to the hotel for a rest.

In April, the 32 year old girl in my family was arranged to make a blind date with a 24-year-old fresh meat model, which was embarrassing and funny.

Li Weijia in the video studio asked her father if there was anyone in his family who introduced him to him? Kaiqingzis father said frankly that he didnt, and felt that she had to find her own partner. He also said that if her daughter couldnt fall in love and could not get married, he would ask her to freeze her eggs.

It is understood that Kai Qingzi and Ji Lingchen announced their love on the microblog on November 30, 2015; in September 2017, they participated in the first season of Dear inn and were well known by the audience after the program was broadcast; on July 31, 2018, the two announced their separation, and Ji Lingchen wrote you like the sea, I loved you.

In an interview, she confessed that in reality, she was a Buddhist character. Talking about Ji Lingchen, her ex boyfriend, she said that she had been completely relieved, but did not regret her choice. She also said she was open to the dilemma of the choice of the 30-year-old actress and said she would consider preparing to freeze the eggs.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Liu Jiaxin_ NBJS11395