Gold price cold does not hinder the purchase of gold hot: the price difference of the same commodity in two weeks is more than 1500 yuan

 Gold price cold does not hinder the purchase of gold hot: the price difference of the same commodity in two weeks is more than 1500 yuan

Liu Xiangdong, deputy director of the Economic Research Department of the China International Economic Exchange Center, said in an interview with the Securities Daily that since this year, due to the global spread of the epidemic, some international funds have been in great demand for safe haven, thus pushing up the gold price. However, with the implementation effects of loose monetary policies in different countries are not the same, gold prices are facing greater volatility pressure, especially the short-term US dollar assets as a safe haven asset have a seesaw effect with the gold price. The stronger the US dollar suppresses the gold price, while the weakening US dollar will increase the gold price.

The international gold pricing mechanism makes the speculation for futures face greater risk exposure. Banks take more normal risk aversion measures in precious metal trading, so as not to bring greater risks to investors. Liu Xiangdong further said.

Near the end of the year, what are the sales of gold jewelry and the purchasing enthusiasm of consumers? Is it affected by the fluctuation of gold price? Securities Daily reporter conducted a visit to investigate this.

At 12:00 noon on November 30, three or five consumers visited the shop in zhoudasheng store of a shopping mall in Fengtai District, Beijing. The store staff told reporters: due to good sales, the store was re opened on November 20. At present, the price of full gold jewelry is 468 yuan / g, up from 568 yuan / g, a decrease of 17.6%

When the reporter asked whether there is any discount activity for gold bracelets in the near future, the above-mentioned staff disclosed that there is a coupon reduction activity from the 20th to 24th, and the price of full gold jewelry after discount is 428 yuan / g. In fact, the promotion was originally scheduled for only three days, but at that time, the shop sales were really hot, and the activity was extended for another two days. As gold jewelry has always been a professional in our traditional concept, the sales of gold jewelry in stores have been good

Later, the reporter came to a Chinese gold store near the mall. The staff in the store told the reporter, there is an anniversary celebration of the store in the past three days. After the price of gold jewelry is reduced to 399 yuan / g, compared with 439 yuan / g when there is no activity, 40 yuan can be saved per gram.

Which gold products are most popular with consumers? Beijing Caibai staff said it was New Years product. For example, he told reporters that on November 18, the 2021 xinchou (ox) new year gold bar issued by China Gold Coin Corporation was launched in Beijing Caibai, setting off a sales boom of new years products. In addition, more than 100 types of new years star products of Beijing cuisine have been sold on the market, and are quite popular with consumers.

Ms. Bai, a resident of Suzhou City, Anhui Province, who has been paying close attention to the gold market for a long time, told the reporter that at present, the price of gold jewelry is falling and approaching the end of the year. She plans to buy some jewelry to wear by herself, which is also an investment. My friend will get married in January next year, and I am urging her to buy the three gold medals . After all, it is a good time to copy the bottom price.

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