Gold stock exposure in December! Pro cyclical large financial sector is preferred (attached list)

 Gold stock exposure in December! Pro cyclical large financial sector is preferred (attached list)

Looking back on the gold stock returns of securities companies in November, the gold stock portfolio of Sichuan financial securities ranked first with 15.64%, and the stock with the largest increase was Aoyang Shunchang recommended by Chuancai securities, with a monthly increase of 56.62%.

December market is about to open, what heavy events will affect the market, how do major securities companies view it?

Securities companies continue to be optimistic about the two major sectors

Most securities companies are still optimistic about the market at the end of the year and at the beginning of the year, and continue to pay attention to the undervalued and Pro cyclical plates as the preferred style for December configuration. As 2020 is drawing to a close, many securities companies issued investment strategies in 2021 to remind investors to lay out the cross-year market ahead of time.

According to incomplete statistics of 21 INVESTMENT link, Ping An of China (601318. SH) was recommended by 8 securities companies including Sichuan finance securities, Everbright Securities, YueKai securities, Guosheng securities, Pacific Securities, Guoxin Securities, industrial securities, Anxin securities, and Industrial Bank (601166. SH) was also recommended by seven securities companies.

There are also five shares, including China Taibao (601601601. SH), Zijin Mining (601899. SH), Guizhou Maotai (600519. SH), Sany Heavy Industry (600031. SH), Tongkun shares (601233. SH), which are all recommended by more than three securities companies.

Jindi group (600383. SH), Bank of Ningbo (002142. SZ), China central immune (601888. SH), Ningde times (300750. SZ), CSCEC (601668. SH), Vanke A (00000 2. SZ), Huayou CO (603799. SH), new Zebang (300037. Sz), Fuyao Glass (600660. SH), Tiantan Biology (600161. SH), and China Shenhua (601088. SH) were recommended by two securities companies.

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