Investigation on the new stock market of Shenzhen

 Investigation on the new stock market of Shenzhen

The article mentions that the phenomenon of fighting new hot warns that, in addition to increasing supply and limiting the price of new houses, there are still many things to be done in the regulation of the property market, such as paying more attention to the flow of housing, strengthening the regulation of holding links, and making tax leverage play a greater role; establishing a scientific and reasonable real estate tax system, and curbing investment speculation through market-oriented means, may be able to get the bottom out of the hole.

Two days later, on November 30, Zhang xuefan, director of the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of housing and construction and Secretary of the Party group, responded to the matter in an interview with Shenzhen satellite TV. We are investigating the problem of speculating in real estate on behalf of the media. Once any illegal behavior is found, it will be dealt with in strict accordance with the law. He said.

At the same time, in view of the current situation of inverted prices of first-hand and second-hand houses in Shenzhen, relevant departments in Shenzhen are also working with relevant forces to study comprehensive control policies and resolutely crack down on speculation and speculation in the market.

As the climax of Shenzhens new campaign over the years, the number of valid registered customers of China Resources City Runxi phase 1 shortlisted in the lottery has reached 9687 batches, all of which are homeowners, and the minimum number of social security months exceeds 4 years.

On the other hand, the main type of the project is medium and large units with 100-200 square meters; the average price is as high as 131000 yuan / square meters, and the lowest total price of a set is nearly 12 million yuan. All the above-mentioned effective candidates must freeze the earnest money of 3.5 million yuan for registration.

A number of people who are closely following the project have calculated that the holding proportion of China Resources City Runxi phase 1 is more than 80%. Economic Observer network learned that after two days of on-site house selection on November 25 and 36, China Resources City Runxi phase 1 is urgently checking the bank flow and capital sources of 1171 house buyers finally determined.

Taking a 200 square meter house type of the project as an example, the first set of down loan is estimated. According to the 30-year mortgage years, the down payment is at least 8 million yuan, and the monthly supply is close to 100000 yuan. Due to the high amount of monthly supply, the banks annual flow requirement for buyers is set at more than 1 million yuan.

If the income and expenditure in recent months are obviously very low, how can the real running water cover the monthly payment of nearly 100000 yuan? An industry person who has been dealing with investors and buyers in Shenzhen for a long time told economic observer that as long as you check the real flow and capital flow details of the agent, you will find problems.

According to the Economic Observer network, in the past, a new house on the Shenzhen market held on behalf of the business, the capital involved usually included the provision of bank statements, down payment, mortgage and loan repayment.

The method is very simple, for example, todays buyers transfer 100000 yuan to the card holder, and then transfer the money out the next day, and so on, according to the cycle and frequency operation. After half a year, when it is really necessary to buy a house, the running water of the agent holders bank card can support the banks examination. In the industry, such a way is known as nourishing water.

In terms of down payment, professional investors and senior intermediaries have long learned to be flexible. After signing the house purchase contract on behalf of the owner, the buyer often turns the down payment a few hands first, and finally flows into the bank account of the agent holder.

A similar approach has also been applied to the repayment process. Under normal circumstances, the agent will receive a new mortgage card provided by the bank after handling the mortgage; each month, the buyer only needs to transfer the funds to this card. That is to say, the actual payer is the real buyer.

If the bank checks the source of repayment funds, its a big deal to transfer the funds into the mortgage card. Shenzhen senior intermediary recruitment.

These two proposals not only remind the risk of purchasing house on behalf of the owner, but also emphasize that if the buyer chooses to pay by mortgage, the buyer should consult the lending institutions (including banks, provident fund center, etc.) before signing the subscription to understand the relevant loan policies (including but not limited to purchase and loan restriction, down payment ratio, loan term, loan interest rate, down payment fund source and income certificate) To determine whether there are loan obstacles and meet the loan conditions, and to evaluate the risk of debt paying ability, down payment change, interest change, etc.

The statement of China Resources City Runxi phase 1 in the proposal is more detailed: whether the mortgage application procedures are approved, the amount, term, maturity and interest rate of the loan are determined by the bank according to the conditions of the buyer, and there is a risk that the bank will not approve or not fully approve the loan application.

From the present point of view, strict inspection of the source of down payment funds, bank flow, not allowing non lineal relatives to guarantee the mortgage loan, etc., are temporarily limited to the individual new market which has recently entered the market and the hot new market which is about to enter the market. The ultimate goal is to drop the board into the phenomenon of investors gathering.

The above Shenzhen bank also said, has not received the unified notice of strict inspection of the source of down payment for house purchase.

However, Zhang xuefan also mentioned that Shenzhen firmly implements the positioning of the house is for living, not for speculation, firmly implements the central real estate regulation and control policy, and strictly implements the new Shenzhen eight articles promulgated on July 15; it is also further strengthening the housing supply and security, and accelerating the construction of housing supply and security with multi-agent supply, multi-channel security and simultaneous rent and purchase System, efforts to make the market return to rationality, and promote the stable and healthy development of Shenzhen real estate market.