Public funds optimistic about A-share market, layout liquor and big finance

 Public funds optimistic about A-share market, layout liquor and big finance

More than 2300 stocks in the two cities fell yesterday, with blue chips in the big financial sector falling, internal division of cyclical plates, and the rotation of semiconductor, new energy vehicles and degradable plastics plates. Wind data shows that the transaction volume of the two cities increased from 725.332 billion yuan on Friday to 950012 million yuan; the turnover of northward capital increased from 79.162 billion yuan to 146.240 billion yuan, with a net inflow of 4.939 billion yuan, significantly larger than that of last Fridays 2.476 billion yuan.

China Merchants Fund said that from the recent trend, the main line of the market is further switching to undervalued Pro cyclical varieties. Under the background of slow release of overseas risks, inflow of foreign capital and sustained recovery of domestic economy, the stock index is expected to launch a cross-year market.

According to the data of Everbright metalworking, the average positions of stock funds and partial mixed funds increased by 1.82% and 1.40% respectively on a month on month basis. Among them, the average position of the stock fund has risen for three consecutive weeks, returning to more than 90%.

Noan Fund pointed out that from the latest economic data, the economic recovery is more obvious, and the export performance is stronger than expected. Entering the traditional construction peak season, the fundamental data of chemical products, building materials and mechanical equipment industry are expected to continue to improve.

Liu said that the pro cyclical plate still maintained the upward trend, but the internal division has begun. At present, product prices remain strong, including silicone, aluminum, copper and other related varieties, the trend of related stocks is also relatively strong, other cycle plate gradually weakened. Cycle plate after the market can still focus on, but to timely track the prices of various cycle products and futures trend.

Jingshun Great Wall Fund believes that under the background of vaccine landing and global resumption of work, it continues to emphasize the leading advantages of Pro cyclical industries, but after the early rise, some pro cyclical industries, including automobiles and household appliances, may have a relatively limited space for growth.

According to Liu Hua, plate differentiation is normal and not unique to periodic plates. With the exception of several major emerging industries, the competitive pattern of various physical industries has basically been determined. The advantages of industry leaders will continue to expand, and the survival space of small and medium-sized enterprises will gradually be compressed, he said. In terms of stock price, the strong will always be strong, and high-quality companies will continue to be sought after by funds.

Layout liquor and big finance

In terms of specific layout, China Merchants Fund suggests following three major ideas: first, the pro cyclical sector has good profitability certainty, can follow the main line of manufacturing investment recovery, pay attention to the advanced manufacturing sector, and the banking sector with high neutral price in the financial sector. Secondly, with the recovery of investors risk preference, semiconductor and consumer electronics sectors, which were suppressed in the early stage, have better repair space. Finally, the consumption data continues to pick up, and the vaccine process beyond expectations will also have a further catalytic effect on optional consumption, focusing on automobile, catering and other sectors.

For the liquor sector, Hou Hao, fund manager of China Securities Baijiu index fund, pointed out that near the end of the year, major liquor companies have basically settled accounts, and the plate is expected to enter the period of shrinking and raising prices before the Spring Festival peak season. After digesting the short-term information vacuum period, plate sentiment is expected to be boosted. In the current position, we can actively layout the cross year market of liquor plate and pay attention to the next years planning of liquor enterprises. With the leading liquor enterprises increasing the proportion of direct sales, there is a high probability that the performance from the fourth quarter of this year to the first quarter of next year will continuously exceed the expectation, and the liquor industry is expected to show a high recovery elasticity in the first half of next year.

Jingshun Great Wall Fund said that it is optimistic about the export industry chain benefiting from the global economic recovery, and the real estate leader with low valuation, sales toughness and continued local auction enthusiasm. Investors can actively grasp the low-income opportunity at the current point.

In addition, Li Shuang (Jin Qilin, an analyst) who is to be appointed as a mixed fund manager of Chinese business prosperity optimization, said that at the current time point, some traditional industries such as chemical industry, nonferrous metal industry and large finance industry with upward trend are worthy of attention.

Source: Ren Hui, editor in charge of China Securities Journal_ NBJ9607