Bond ETF issues into the fast lane, but some products shrink seriously

 Bond ETF issues into the fast lane, but some products shrink seriously

People from a fund company in Shanghai believe that Bond ETF has many advantages, such as low volatility, low cost, relatively easy risk control, stronger tool attribute, low dependence on fund managers, high transparency of positions and good liquidity in the secondary market. It is a good tool for asset management institutions to allocate bond assets.

However, on the whole, the total scale of bond ETFs is still small. Since the end of last year, the total scale of new products has shrunk faster than that of some new products.

The total scale of Bond ETF is not large, its products are also in the stage of innovation, and the product line is incomplete. In the future, if fund companies can make breakthroughs in systems and processes, spread out product lines and make more choices for capital allocation, a positive positive cycle will be generated and Bond ETF will be greatly developed. Some insiders told reporters.

In terms of Bond ETF innovation, fund companies have a bright future. Wang Deying, deputy general manager of Boshi fund, believes that cross Market Bond ETF has great development space. First of all, if the exchange and banks can get through the data, then the investors who used to do bonds between banks can make index investment through ETF, and the enthusiasm of these investors will be stimulated. Secondly, according to relevant regulations, only listed commercial banks can make Bond ETF investment in the exchange. If deregulation is implemented, all commercial banks can make Bond ETF investment in the exchange, and a large number of institutional investors will be introduced. Finally, if bond ETFs can enter cross-border ETFs, more foreign investors will be introduced to participate in exchange ETF investment.

In addition to variety innovation, ETF mechanism also needs innovation. For example, breaking through the restrictions on bond ETFs in dividend distribution and distributing the coupon to investors, ETFs of investment bonds can enjoy the benefits of coupon like investment bonds. Innovation in this respect is worth looking forward to. Wang Deying said.

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