Ding Zhens photographer first talks about his feelings: we are destined to achieve each others natural works

 Ding Zhens photographer first talks about his feelings: we are destined to achieve each others natural works

After Ding Zhen became popular, some netizens commented in the video below: the horse of thousands of miles often exists, but Bole does not often have it. Some people call Hu Bo the hand of God. On November 30, Hu Bo was interviewed by a cover news reporter for the first time. He talked about the behind the scenes story of Ding Zhen, I felt that I was hit by the pie falling from the sky. Fortunately, I didnt sign him, otherwise I would become a big nanny.

We are mutual achievements

With the popularity of Ding Zhens first video, Hu Bos personal social account has increased by nearly 400000 fans. He said, we have achieved each others success, and are made by nature..

In the past, Hu Bos social account had 73% male fans, 27% female fans, and few fans under the age of 23. After Ding Zhen became popular, female fans suddenly accounted for 64%, and the number of fans under 23 increased dramatically, Hu Bo said. At the beginning, Ding Zhens uncle sorangleber was photographed all the time. I thought he had a good laugh, so I wanted to make a series of smiles in the worlds high cities. I took videos and pictures, and a friend of Yangmei made oil paintings, and then exhibited them in Beijing.

Hu Bo said frankly that he is a businessman. His company has the business of documentary shooting and commercial marketing. He originally planned to build xiazetong village, where Ding Zhen is, into an online red land in one winter. We can invest in local B & B, and villagers can do variety shows in live broadcast..

On the morning of November 11, Hu Bo and sorangleber planned to drive to participate in the double 11 friendship senior Youth Association organized by the League Committee 80 kilometers away. Before setting out, Hubo filmed solanlebers brother-in-law and his nephew, Ding Zhen, and then set off.

There has been no signal on the mountain road for two hours. After arriving at the destination, click on the mobile phone to see that Ding Zhens video has nearly 10 million traffic. At that time, I realized that Ding Zhen must be on fire, Hu Bo explained. If you take time and traffic as a calculation, such a large amount of traffic in two hours cant be just for a short time, and it will last for sure. But what I think is that its popular, with a broadcast volume of 20 million and 30 million. As of November 30, the number of videos played was 80.469 million.

Some people say I take him as an electronic pet

Realizing that Ding Zhen might be popular, Hu Bo called Ding Zhen to start a live webcast the next day. Because of this live broadcast, some netizens think that Hu Bo is over consuming Ding Zhen. Even more frankly, Hu Bo intends to cultivate Ding Zhen into an electronic pet.

In this regard, Hu Bo explained that the concept of electronic pet was first heard about long-distance love. It describes that lovers separated from two places communicate through mobile phones. If you send a hello , the other party will have to respond. To a certain extent, the anchor will also be treated as an electronic pet. If netizens ask questions, you have to respond, but many people just dont recognize it..

On the Internet, some we media said that Hu Bos behavior should be prosecuted, and some fans sent him private messages to hurl abuse. In the face of netizens query, Hu Bo thought that controversy was not a bad thing. If there is white, there must be black. If you want to have the energy to move forward, there must be a topic. Naturally, photographers and agents are sprayed. If photographers and agents dont get sprayed, they will spray their private life. This is a rule.

After Ding Zhens first video became popular, Hu Bo thought about signing it for commercial packaging. At the beginning, I had an assessment, but my family was mainly engaged in tourism related industries. The original intention of going to Litang was to build a net red village . Therefore, this idea was not mentioned to Ding Zhen and his family. Hu Bo said, the government quickly stepped in to protect it, and the intention was obvious.

On November 18, it was reported that Ding Zhen signed a contract with Litang cangyang Gyatso micro Museum, a state-owned company subordinate to the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of Litang County, and became the tourism ambassador of Litang County. Previously, the head of the travel company had said in an interview with the cover news that Bangding Zhen refused all pure variety show interviews for the time being, and did not want him to be just a flash in the pan. Since Ding Zhen became popular, his name related reading reached 1.6 billion on the microblog platform alone, and there were 16 hot searches related to his name.

Im glad I didnt sign him or Ill be a babysitter

Referring to the feeling of seeing Ding Zhen at the beginning, Hu Bo told reporters that from the perspective of a middle-aged man in his 40s, just like looking at his son, he didnt feel outstanding when he saw Ding Zhen at the first sight, only felt very simple, because he belongs to younger children in this group, and his age is also small, their village is not big, they are all relatives, and Ding Zhen is very well cared for..

After the video became popular, Hu Bo sought advice from a partner in the live broadcasting industry in Beijing, who told him the law of the development of online celebrities. Ding Zhen just started to be popular or in line with this law, but there is another realm behind it, that is, phenomenal popularity, Hu Bo said. In 2020, Ding Zhen showed us a very healing smile, he is Chinas Kimura tuoya, which is at this height.

Although he is not a professional photographer, he made Ding Zhen famous. Hu Bo thinks this experience shows his sensitivity to good things. For Hu Bo, Ding Zhen is a part of his work. Its just that this link has become a bit huge, but who doesnt want to feel the taste of being hit by pie from the sky? Hu Bo once fantasized about the situation after signing Ding Zhen. He admitted that if he signed Ding Zhen, he would bet on his future growth. Although he had regrets, he was also lucky that he did not sign at the beginning. After signing, I will become a big nanny, which is a great setback to my career. I changed from a photographer who took pictures of Ding Zhen to a photographer who only shot Ding Zhen. If this is my future Im done with positioning.

4 to be able to photograph Ding, Im glad that the road to his home is open to traffic

When talking about the reason why Ding Zhen became popular, Hu Bo himself could not find a rule to follow. When he chatted with a fan of Ding Zhen, he asked the other party how he felt when he saw Ding Zhens video for the first time. He reported to him that I have been watching it all the time, and I havent slept in the first two days.. Hu Bo was surprised, but when he met the tourists who came all the way for Ding Zhen in Litang, he understood the reason.

Ding Zhens popularity has solved the current downturn in the tourism market, made the people of the whole country interested in tourism and stimulated domestic demand. All provinces are related to this topic, in fact, they are showing their tourism resources..

In addition, Hu Bo realized that apart from Ding Zhens own simplicity and his healing face, many realistic conditions are inseparable. Ding Zhens hometown xiazetong village is very remote. If there is no infrastructure construction for poverty alleviation and there is no highway, we cant get past any hardline SUVs.

With the popularity of Ding Zhens phenomenon level, some changes have taken place in the village. Hu Bo said that now people in the village are learning to do live broadcasting, hoping to be as popular as Ding Zhen. In Ding Zhens popularity, including the elderly in our industry, we can only learn from it. There is no rule to follow. Said Hubo.

Source: cover news editor: Liu Jiaxin_ NBJS11395