After clearing INS, Wang Feis daughter Li Yan: Beat Generation

 After clearing INS, Wang Feis daughter Li Yan: Beat Generation

Li Yan changes ins Jie: Beat Generation

As the daughter of Wang Fei and Li Yapeng, Li Yan has been paid close attention to since she was born. As she grew up slowly, Li Yans self-confidence and unique temperament made her have a lot of fans on the Internet and won the love of many people. Li Yans congenital defects did not let her be greatly affected. Now she is an adolescent, she has been trained very well.

Li Yan usually likes to share her daily life or photos on social network. Not long ago, some netizens found that Li Yan emptied all the contents of her social account, which made people feel very incredible. At the same time, Li Yan changed the profile of her social account into eight words: please put away your prejudice before you come in.

These eight words are enough for us to have a lot of reverie space. This time, she reduced it to two English words, wrong generation, which aroused endless reverie.

Since Li Yan was born, it is not only her parents who bring her the halo, but also her own personality that makes many people express admiration and yearning. Naturally, there is no doubt and abuse. Many people think that the reason why Li Yan empties her account and changes her profile is that she cant stand the language violence attacks on the Internet. Before that, there have been entries about Li Yans flaunting her wealth on her microblog. Usually, many people point to Li Yans daily sharing.

It may also be the impact of the recent exposure of Li Yapengs love affair with haiha Jinxi, a 29 year old Yi beauty, and the recent Yan Ran activity attended by haiha Jinxi and Li Yapeng seems to be swearing in her hostess status. In many of the pictures, 48 year old Li Yapeng and his girlfriend are in love. They are close to each other in windcoats and shoes. They are also photographed with many intimate kisses.

Li Yapeng and 29 year old Yi beauty haiha Jinxi

Li Yapeng and 29 year old Yi beauty haiha Jinxi

Shortly after the exposure of the video, haiha Jinxi publicly showed photos of himself participating in the activities with Yanran angel fund, and said that he wanted to join them.

Moreover, haiha Jinxi is a Yanran activity with Li Yapeng. In other words, haiha Jinxi announced the status of the hostess in another way.

As we all know, Li Yan, the daughter of Li Yapeng and Wang Fei, was born in 2006 because her daughter was born with cleft lip and palate. Therefore, in order to treat and help more children with cleft lip and palate, Li Yapeng and Wang Fei established the Yanran angel fund, and Faye Wong appeared as the founder and hostess for many times.

Wang Fei and Li Yapeng

Even after their divorce, Faye Wong and her daughter Li Yan participated in the public welfare activities of Yanran angel. Now, haiha Jinxi has also joined in. What kind of relationship will exist?

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