The 400 billion giant suddenly falls, trump again takes the black hand? Just now, the company urgently clarified! The end of the market reappearance strange 3 minutes, 10 billion funds instantly inflow

 The 400 billion giant suddenly falls, trump again takes the black hand? Just now, the company urgently clarified! The end of the market reappearance strange 3 minutes, 10 billion funds instantly inflow

On November 30, the Global Times quoted Reuters as saying that the trump administration planned to include SMIC, Chinas largest chip maker, and CNOOC, Chinas offshore oil and gas producer, on the so-called list of companies associated with the Chinese military, limiting their contact with US investors.

The trump administration signed an executive order on December 12, banning U.S. investors from investing in companies owned or controlled by the Chinese military. Reuters reported at the time that the administrative order may affect 31 Chinese enterprises including China Telecom, China Mobile and Hikvision. In addition, Reuters disclosed earlier this month that Washington was ready to identify four other Chinese enterprises as enterprises owned or controlled by the Chinese military.

In addition to SMIC and CNOOC, Reuters quoted documents and three sources as saying that China Construction Technology Group Co., Ltd. (CCTC) and China International Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. (CIECC) were also on the list. However, the source said it was not clear when the new list would be published in the chronicle of the federal government. This will bring the number of Chinese enterprises affected to 35, the media said.

After the closing of a shares today, CNOOC announced on the Hong Kong stock exchange that the company noted the news report issued by Reuters on November 30, 2020, that the controlling shareholder of the company, CNOOC, may be added to the blacklist of enterprises suspected of having ties with the Chinese military by relevant US government agencies. The company has inquired with CNOOC and understands that CNOOC has not received any formal notice or decision from the relevant US government agencies. The company is keeping a close eye on the development of the situation. Further announcements may be issued in due course.

MSCI component stock adjustment results take effect today

At the end of the call auction stage, some stocks of a shares showed obvious changes, and the volume of trading increased significantly. According to statistics, the total transaction volume of a shares reached 25.29 billion yuan within 3 minutes from 14:57-15:00.

During the call auction stage, the transaction volume of 45 shares exceeded 100 million yuan, including Guizhou Maotai liquor maker, BYD, a new energy vehicle leader, Hengrui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and Lansi Technology Co., Ltd., an apple concept leader, and Zhuo Shengwei, a chip leader. Take LANs technology as an example, 48600 lots of shares were sold in the call auction stage, about 159 million yuan of capital, which has far exceeded the call auction turnover in the early trading.

The big change in turnover is also reflected in the share price. In the late stage of the auction, 58 shares increased by more than 1%, of which, OPEC, Shiyuan, Lianmei holdings, Tsingtao beer and Jiugui Liquor increased by more than 2%. The most obvious increase was in the market of opcomtv, with 3711 transactions in 3 minutes, with a turnover of 23.75 million yuan, and the share price soared by 2.94%. In the opposite direction, 62 shares fell by more than 1% within 3 minutes, with Xiaokang shares, tieliu shares, COSCO Haifa, BAIC Blue Valley and Aidi precision leading the decline.

It is worth noting that on November 11, MSCI, the international index compilation company, announced its semi annual index review results, and the adjustment results will take effect after the closing of November 30, 2020. This late part of the change is undoubtedly related to this, after the northward capital flow also undoubtedly reflects this point. Data show that, at the end of the auction period, the inflow of northbound capital suddenly increased, with the net inflow of more than 20 billion yuan at one time, and fell back to 4.939 billion yuan at the end of the day.

In fact, there have been many effective date changes in the A-share market, that is, on the effective day of the adjustment of MSCI, FTSE Russell and other international index companies, the northbound funds tend to fluctuate significantly, which may be large buying or selling. CICC has analyzed and pointed out that in terms of capital flow, according to the historical experience of index adjustment, passive funds usually adjust their positions on the last day in order to reduce the error of index tracking as much as possible. Therefore, it is often seen that the abnormal amplification of transactions of individual stocks with large weight changes, especially at the end of the day.

A rare plunge in the banking sector

On the last trading day of November, the two markets were red in the morning. The Shanghai stock index hit 3458.79, the highest point of the year. However, the banking and insurance sectors fell sharply in the afternoon. The Shanghai index fell in response to the call and fell by 0.49% at the end of the day.

After hours data showed that the bank index rose by more than 3.7% at one time, and fell by 1.2% in the end of the day, with a drop rate of nearly 5%. Compared with todays highest price, 16 bank stocks fell more than 5%. As of the latest, the value of bank sector a stock market was 7.58 trillion yuan. Everbright Banks withdrawal rate was the highest of 7.86%, which rose by more than 4% in the early trading, and finally fell 3.56%. Changshu bank in the morning trading limit after the fall, the day back 7.82%. Another early trading limit of Xiamen bank opened in the afternoon, the withdrawal rate of 6.48%.

Looking back on history, it can be found that such a plunge in the banking sector is rare, only once in a year. On July 7, this year, the bank index also opened high in the morning, and then rose by more than 3.7%. The closing index was floating green, and an obvious inverted hammer line daily chart was received on the same day. After that day, the bank index fell, retreating more than 13%.

In addition to bank shares, there are many stocks fell sharply today. Securities Times u00b7 data treasure statistics show that, compared with todays highest price, 170 shares withdraw more than 5%. Xiangshan shares rose briefly and then fell back in the morning trading, and the late trading was close to the limit, with a withdrawal rate of 15.58%; Liba shares had a flash crash in the early trading today, and its share price was closed to the down limit; Chuanyi shares fell slowly after the high opening, and was closed on the limit in the afternoon. There are also wanlishi, Dehong shares, Litong electronics, Xinli finance, Huayin power and so on. (data treasure Liang Qiangang)