Historical opportunities in e-commerce industry? Giants next community group buying concept fire

 Historical opportunities in e-commerce industry? Giants next community group buying concept fire

The so-called community group buying refers to the group shopping behavior of users in a specific range (such as a certain community), which is a sales mode based on the relationship between acquaintances and semi acquaintances. In short, the community group buying is centered on the community. The group buying platform provides goods. The head of the community gathers the neighbors into a group. After the group members place an order, the platform sends the goods to the head of the community, and then the head of the community informs the group members to take things.

The report of AIDS media consultation pointed out that under the stimulation of the epidemic situation, the community group purchase market will develop rapidly in 2020, and the market scale is expected to reach 72 billion yuan. The community group purchase market continues to sink, and at the same time, it realizes the high education of users by virtue of convenient touch service. It is expected that Chinas community group buying market will maintain a good growth trend in the future, and the scale of Chinas community group buying market is expected to reach 100 billion level by 2022.

Internet giants come to an end

At present, the players of vegetable business are mainly divided into two types: self operated and platform based. The self operated mode is divided into front warehouse (such as daily Youxian, meituan and dingdong) and warehouse store integration (HEMA and Yonghui), while pinduoduo belongs to platform type.

In May, orange heart, a community group purchase project specially built by Didi, started trial operation in Chengdu. Didi CEO Cheng Wei once said that didi had no upper limit on the investment in orange heart optimization and was striving to win the first place in the market.

In July, the company also launched the group purchase business department. This means that meituan has changed from the warehouse store integration mode to the front warehouse mode.

More admission, more subsidies to set up in August. Chen Lei, CEO of pinduoduo, said that the platform will increase investment in the field of agricultural products and make efforts to buy vegetables.

In September, Ali announced the establishment of a separate HEMA optimization division to enter the community group buying track.

In addition, it is reported that Jingdong is planning a community group purchase project Jingdong preferred. In addition, the tuyere of community group buying may have taken off.

Another historic opportunity for e-commerce industry?

Open source Securities said that the giants have increased the size of the layout, community group buying track continues to be hot. Community group buying, as a new retail mode to realize commodity circulation relying on the social relationship between the community and the group leader, has realized a more economical and convenient shopping experience through the mode of pre-sale + next day delivery + self delivery, and has outstanding competitiveness in the sinking market. In the short term, the flow advantage determines whether the platform can quickly increase the number of customers and realize the scale advantage; in the long run, fresh food, as an important category of community group purchase, the efficiency of product selection, procurement, warehousing and logistics will significantly affect the consumer experience. Therefore, the retail nature of fresh food determines that the mode of community group buying is heavy, the steady-state net interest rate is low, and the scale replication expansion is difficult. Supply chain construction is the key to the long-term success of industry and enterprise competition.

Societe Generale Securities pointed out that fresh food is expected to become a new growth pole of e-commerce, and many players swarm into the community, which is expected to promote the rapid growth of the industry. Fresh food is high-frequency consumption. For Internet companies, the flow value is huge. At the same time, the market space of fresh food industry is trillions. It is of great significance to boost the companys own income level to enter the Bureaus fresh food e-commerce Bureau. It is expected that companies can enter the community fresh food group quickly, which is expected to drive the income of major platform companies to a new level. Beneficiaries include: meituan, pinduoduo, Jingdong, Alibaba, etc.

Huang Shanghuang: at present, the company has built its own group purchase platform to carry out group purchase business, and has carried out cooperation with rookie post station, prosperity and optimization, buy more vegetables, and meituan buy vegetables.

Snowman Co., Ltd.: the companys cold chain logistics can be used for fresh transportation of community e-commerce. At present, the application customers have covered fresh e-commerce, farmers supermarket, etc.

Supply and marketing collection: Baoji shopping mall Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, plans to build a community group buying group around the Baoshang home platform, taking stores as the carrier, radiating the surrounding communities.

Sanjiang shopping: Sanjiang member group app can support community group buying business.

Zhongjing food: the company has started the community group buying business. At present, some regional cooperative community group buying platforms include food sharing meeting and dingdong shopping.