The list of gold stocks in the last month of 2020 is coming. Dont hurry to collect it!

 The list of gold stocks in the last month of 2020 is coming. Dont hurry to collect it!

In terms of stocks, stocks recommended by securities companies, such as Aoyang Shunchang, western mining, Changan Automobile and Jinlongyu, rose more than 50% a month.

In December, what sectors did the gold stocks of securities companies add positions to? A number of securities companies said that at the current time point, it would continue to add positions in the cycle plate, and as the preferred style for configuration in December, focusing on the big financial sector, chemical industry, nonferrous metals and other sectors.

Gold stocks focus on Pro cyclical rotation in December

In December, some securities companies recommended gold stocks in a highly consistent pace, and the pro cyclical plate was strongly recommended by many securities companies.

BOC Securities believes that the current time point should firmly continue to add the cyclical plate, and as the preferred style of December configuration. In terms of specific allocation, the investors who pursue steady absolute return will choose the large Pro cyclical financial sector as the first choice; for the investors who pursue flexibility, it is suggested that strong cycle resources and transportation should be the first choice for allocation.

According to statistics, there are 11 gold stocks recommended by more than two securities companies at the same time. Among them, the stocks in the non bank financial sector received the most attention from securities dealers. Ping An of China was also recommended by Sichuan Securities, Everbright Securities, YueKai securities, Guosheng securities and Pacific Securities, and China Pacific Securities was also recommended by four securities companies.

Last months top gold stocks up more than 50%

In the second round of November, gold stocks of securities companies showed the biggest increase. Aoyang Shunchang, which was recommended by Chuancai securities, rose 56.62% monthly.

Chuancai Securities believes that the epidemic has a certain adverse impact on the companys lithium battery business operation, and the production and sales in the first half of the year are lower than expected. But the downstream electric tool market is hot, the companys orders are full, and the performance is expected to rise steadily.

From the plate perspective, the top ten stocks of monthly growth are mainly distributed in the undervalued Pro cyclical plate of nonferrous metals, mining, steel and chemical industry. Western mining, Changan Automobile, golden dragon fish and other stocks rose more than 50%.

From the perspective of securities companies, the portfolio performance of Sichuan financial securities was more prominent in November, and the yield of gold stock portfolio was 15.64%. From the beginning of the year to the present, the total return of the gold stock portfolio of the securities company is 74.24%, and the excess return is 52.66%.