Shenzhen China Resources City Runxi phase I voice: policies issued by relevant government regulatory departments

 Shenzhen China Resources City Runxi phase I voice: policies issued by relevant government regulatory departments

When the screen of her mobile phone lit up, she opened her wechat and took a look at it. Then she replied by voice: look, how many sets are left in 200 square meters and 175 square meters?

As a wanghong mansion project in Shenzhen, there are not a few people like this elder sister waiting for the opening of China Resources City Runxi phase I.

On the one hand, there are investors who have large amount of money but do not have house purchase index; on the other hand, there are just need customers who have purchase targets but can not afford to pay tens of millions of yuan. A secretive real estate agent business has sprung up.

With the outbreak of the new trend, from drafting the real estate agency agreement to witnessing by lawyers, and then to profit sharing, in Shenzhen property market, an industrial chain about agency ownership and a one-stop service connecting upstream and downstream links have become increasingly mature.

Low hit rate and leak detection

Yan Chu has done a lot of homework on this new flat. Among 914 houses, she intends to buy 122 sets of 79 square meters three room apartment. Unless the front buyers choose the same house type, it is estimated roughly that Yan Chus winning bid rate is expected to reach more than 80% in two days.

Yan Chus new site is located in Jiangang mountain, a traditional luxury residential area in Shenzhen. The average blank price of 88000 yuan / square meter is equal to the price of the surrounding hardbound new houses. It needs 2 million yuan of capital verification to see the house, and 900000 yuan of frozen capital is required for sincere registration.

Such a proportion is enough to make a crowd of buyers hope. On the morning of November 24, Lao Yu hurried into Shenzhen Qianhai notary office, and the lottery number of China Resources City Runxi phase 1 was in progress.

China Resources City Runxi phase 1 (China Resources City Phase 4) in Shenzhen is a net red luxury housing new market. In October 2014, China Resources City Runfu phase 1 opened for the first time, with an average price of 47500 yuan / m2, which was sold out in 3 hours; after a months promotion, the average price rose to about 50000 yuan / m2, and it was once again CD-ROM for 3 hours.

All Sunlight performance, moved a batch of buyers. As early as the beginning of this year, all kinds of new groups on wechat about China Resources City Phase 4 have emerged one after another.

After the sales plan was released on November 16, China Resources City Runxi phase 1 received 15036 applications for bona fide registration within two days. Finally, the valid registration number of the data approval and shortlist is 9687.

However, there are only 1171 units available for sale in China Resources City Runxi phase 1. This means that after the shortlist, the hit rate is as low as 1:8.3.

Two days before the lottery, Lao Yu received a short message of completing the registration in good faith, and his heart immediately raised expectations.

Its too late. The lottery room is closed. He could only sit in the entrance hall, his eyes fixed on the big screen on the wall. Round after round of sorting is shaken out by the lottery system and projected onto the large screen. An hour later, the list was published. Old luck a little bit back, ranked outside 8900.

Its only 1171 sets in total. I missed it. He sighed, but still did not give up the determination to play a new, there are more than 100000 yuan / square meters of new plate? If there is one, please recommend it to me, the one I want to wager. Mr. Yu quickly implemented PlanB.

Lucky couple, more than Lin. On the afternoon of November 25, they specially arrived at the site of house selection and found out the truth one day in advance. We originally planned to buy a 120 square meter apartment, but according to todays housing selection situation, we may not have any good house model. Kobayashi and his wife made a temporary decision on the spot. No matter what floor and type of house were left in the house selection the next day, as long as they had to buy, they would not choose anything.

No room guest Arena

Da Xin, has evolved into the most lively thing in Shenzhen property market in the winter of 2020. But this time, the rules of the game have changed.

715 to control the new deal will expand the scope of the purchase to Shenzhen household registration and divorced 3 years after the purchase of property buyers, the second half of the year, Shenzhen most of the new market in accordance with the priority to meet the principle of housing demand for households without housing, classification to determine the number of finalists, and then take the notarization Yaohao strategy.

Among all the seemingly impeccable links, the most terrifying part is that the new price of luxury housing has turned into a just in need one; however, the new customers of the first suite are not the real no house group.

Yan Chu is not a mere need. Three years ago, she and her boyfriend bought their first apartment in Eastern Shenzhen. Considering that it is difficult to meet the demand for a wedding room with a flat size of more than 60 square meters, she joined the vast army of fighting for new things in the name of single and no room since October, taking advantage of the fact that she has not yet received a marriage certificate.

The unit price of the three rooms with 79 square meters is between 85000 yuan and 92000 yuan per square meter; the cheapest one has a total price of nearly 6.8 million yuan. Although the project sales personnel have repeatedly suggested that 89 square meters of house type should be taken into consideration to improve the success rate of housing selection, Yan Chu, who only has more than 700000 yuan left in the first house loan, has calculated that whether it is down payment or monthly payment, only 79 square meters is the price limit they can bear at present.

The 9687 people screened out above are all homeowners. The minimum number of social security months is 51 months, that is, 4 years and 3 months. The first price they pay for this is to freeze the earnest registration deposit of 3.5 million yuan per person.

On the first day of house selection, two types of large houses with 175 square meters and 200 square meters were the first to become red on the sales control list; by 9:00 a.m. on the second day, all the two types of large-scale houses were sold out.

Senior investor Jinjie is one of these big family enthusiasts. The ticket she got was about 500, which was on the last list on the first day of house selection. The quota is so precious, of course, I want to choose the largest 200 square meter apartment. On November 25, Jin Jie, who was waiting at the selection site, was a little anxious. As time went by, the number of large houses became less and less, as long as you have the opportunity, you can buy as much as you can. To be able to buy China Resources City is equivalent to winning the grand prize, and the fund is not a problem.

China Resources City Phase 4 is the climax of Shenzhens new campaign over the years. The price limit and the purchase restriction of this market are virtually nonexistent. How many houses can we afford to start with 10 million yuan An investor who has been immersed in Shenzhens property market for more than ten years also sighs to the Economic Observer network, is not it finally reduced to a arena for the rich and a feast for capital?

Tang Yao, who cant enjoy the so-called middle prize in elder sister Jins mouth and is not qualified to participate in the lottery, has quickly shifted his target. She has been focusing on the first phase of China Resources City Runxi for a year. She has just settled the quota for the second set of flats, but she has to accept the fact that only no room customers are selected.

What Tang Yao fell in love with again was Longguang Qianhai Tianjing in Nanshan, Shenzhen. This is also a hot new market. At present, no pre-sale certificate has been obtained. However, it is rumored that the price of the market is 107000 yuan / m2, and it needs to freeze 5 million yuan.

In order to be sure, Tang Yao is trying to find a way to vacate the suite in his hand, I will also be a customer without a room next week. Her voice was full of new expectations.

Agency business

Wealthy investors are flocking into the new housing market, and the number of no houses in their hands does not come out of thin air. Tang Yao chose to move on his own, and more investors chose to borrow his name to buy a house.

Friends, family members and relatives can cooperate or borrow their names; those who know or dont know can join hands in a big fight as long as one party has room tickets and the other has money Defined in industry terms, these are all agency holdings.

Holding on behalf buyers are eager to enjoy this grand carnival.

According to the statistics of peers around me, the generation holding proportion of China Resources City Phase 4 is more than 80%. The investors who have been immersed in Shenzhen property market for more than ten years give a data.

Sister Jin has been working with her agent in the early morning. In order to hit the new this time, she opened three representative places, and finally won one. If only one agent is found, how low the success rate will be. Jinjie has a small abacus in her heart, but what she needs to pay is to pry more than 10 million yuan of working capital for freezing capital.

All of the three delegates come from distant relatives. The person youre looking for must be reliable, never through an intermediary. If you dont even know the agent, how can you entrust such a large deal to him? On behalf of each step of holding, sister Jin is very familiaru2014u2014

Every conversation and transfer must be recorded one by one. We must sign the agreement in advance;

The house type, unit price, total price, down payment, monthly payment, annual interest rate and other details must be clearly marked on the agreement.

In several copies of real estate agency agreement obtained by economic observation network, the agreement on the actual terms is more detailed for the holding method and the rights and obligations of both parties.

Both the house property right and the owner clause of disposal right are set up. The real buyer enjoys the property right of the real estate, and is the actual owner of the property, and bears all the expenses (including but not limited to the purchase money, taxes, property registration fees, etc.) arising from the purchase of the real estate, and all the expenses incurred by using or operating the property (including but not limited to water and electricity charges, property management fees, maintenance fees, etc.) During the signing of the agreement, the agent must cooperate with the real buyer to handle the notarization of the power of attorney or other mortgage procedures, and fully authorize the real buyer to handle the lease, management and disposal related to the property.

It also gives solutions to all kinds of problems that may arise in the later stage. Without the consent of the real buyer, the agent shall not mortgage or pledge the property, transfer or dispose of the property in any form or repay the debt with property;

When the real buyer proposes to terminate the agency agreement, the agent shall unconditionally agree and cooperate with Party A to handle the transfer procedures and transfer the property to the real buyer or the third party designated by him. If the house purchase money is collected on behalf of the real buyer, it shall be transferred in full to the collection account designated by Party A within 3 working days after receiving the house transfer payment paid by the transferee.

Real estate agency agreement, in a sense, is more like a gentlemans agreement to establish a trust alliance between the two sides. Although the holding on behalf buyers insist that such an agreement has legal effect, there are still uncontrollable risks in practice.

Therefore, when you sign an agreement, you must ask a lawyer to sign it; if you want to keep it stable, go to a notary office for notarization. Kim is serious to the surrounding buyers, she said, there is an extreme way, if you are really worried, you can directly apply for mortgage loans after buying a house, cash in advance. Doesnt this avoid the risk that the owner will default and dispose of the house at will?

In the Shenzhen market, it is not uncommon to hold business on behalf of others. The holding fee for a first suite is generally around 100000 yuan; as a wanghong luxury house, the holding fee of China Resources City Runxi phase 1 is higher, ranging from 150000 to 500000 yuan. If through the intermediary channel, it will also pay an agent fee of RMB 15000 to RMB.

Five years later, no matter whether the buyer wants to sell or self-sustaining, they can operate according to the second-hand housing transaction process. However, if the property is only transferred to the buyers own name, both parties will often agree to reduce the house price to the minimum tax price stipulated by the housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau for transfer, so as to save the transfer tax to the greatest extent. Xiaoding told economic observer.

Even in the face of a lot of risks and investment security risks, the confidence of the buyers is that the Shenzhen court has tried several cases before, and the result is to support the rights of the actual investors.

Money with tickets

Under the specific background of price limit, the gap price difference between the new house and the second-hand house releases huge arbitrage space. For example, the unit price rises to 200000 + in six years, and the annualized return on investment exceeds the expectation of 15%, which gives Jinjie a continuous motivation to enter the market.

On the shell housing app, the current listing unit price of China Resources City Runfu phase 1 ranges from 110000 yuan / m2 to 190000 yuan / m2; most of the listing unit prices of Runfu phase 2 are above 170000 yuan / m2; and the listing unit prices of Runfu phase 3 are between 167000 yuan / m2 and 189000 yuan / m2. According to the transaction history information of Zhongyuan in Shenzhen, the latest transaction unit price of China Resources City Runfu phase 3 is about 176000 yuan / m2.

This wave of new comers put appreciation first. Shenzhen new price limit, at least in the price to give them to buy the feeling of earning A long-term contact with Shenzhen investors, house buyers and front-line intermediaries mentioned.

On November 25, there was also a special group of customer managers of financial institutions or personnel engaged in financial promotion who were wandering around the site of phase 1 housing selection of China Resources City Runxi.

A financial promoter of a financial company accompanied his colleagues to select a house in the early morning, and directly stayed in the spot, trying to win customers from the huge group of buyers. According to his understanding, in recent years, many house buyers who mean China Resources City Phase 4 have made bridge loans in advance to raise funds.

On the morning of November 28, Yan Chus new journey finally settled down. She chose the first batch of houses that she was most satisfied with. Next, she also has to consider a question, in the end is the hand of the house for mortgage loans, or the direct sale of cash? She has already consulted the relevant people. She needs to apply for the house mortgage loan in the name of the company. The interest rate is 3%. It only takes more than one month to make the loan.

To a certain extent, the gift bag for the 40th anniversary of Shenzhen also gives higher expectations for this new trend. After the 715 regulation and control of the new deal, from late July to August, Shenzhen property market once entered a digestion period. However, as soon as the top-level design documents for Shenzhen to build the first demonstration area of socialism with Chinese characteristics were released, the whole market heat rose again.

Shenzhen room ticket market is so mature, of course, investors will look at the most. Recently, the Shenzhen industry insiders have frequently dealt with a large number of potential new comers. He said, with money, tickets and a rising expectation for the market, how can new trends not break out?

In a city, compared with second-hand housing, new housing sales have a greater impact on GDP. Moreover, only if the new housing market is lively enough, the competition among developers in the open land market will be more intense.

According to the statistics of Meilian property National Research Center, as of November 23, Shenzhen has transferred 28 residential land, with a year-on-year increase of 133.3%; the total amount of homestead transfer reached 75.799 billion yuan, 90.9% higher than that of last years 39.709 billion yuan.

Source of this article: CFA Author: Yang Yiyi, editor in charge: Zhong Qiming_ NF5619