This month, the regulator held two automobile insurance symposiums, focusing on the new problem of counterfeiting

 This month, the regulator held two automobile insurance symposiums, focusing on the new problem of counterfeiting

u25a0 most companies have not clearly proposed the assessment index for the scale of premium reduction for branches in most regions, and many head companies such as PICC Property Insurance, Ping An Property Insurance and Guoshou property insurance have been named.

u25a0 in order to strive for price advantage, some companies have pieced together models with high independent pricing coefficient.

u25a0 some companies use the high service charge of driving insurance to get the expenses to subsidize the vehicle insurance.

Two symposiums a month

On November 18 and November 24, the CBRC held two automobile insurance symposiums. Ten property insurance companies, insurance industry association, actuary Association, Bank of China Insurance Corporation and 13 relevant persons in charge of the banking and insurance regulatory bureau attended the two symposiums respectively and made relevant reports.

At the forum, all parties first affirmed that since the comprehensive reform of vehicle insurance, the market order has improved significantly, the problem of data authenticity has been significantly improved, which has benefited the majority of consumers. According to the data, November continued the stable situation in October, and the effect of price reduction and insurance increase was significant, with a new situation of double decrease of premium price and service rate, rise of insurance liability limit and double rise of commercial vehicle insurance coverage rate.

However, at the same time, in some regions and institutions, the old problems in the auto insurance market have been rising, and new problems have begun to emerge, which must be corrected in time.

Old problems rise again

First, some regions and institutions of high fees competition and data untrue problems began to rebound.

Claim settlement: some companies have significantly increased the settled loss rate. In addition to the reasonable factors for the increase of normal value-added service fee and accident rate, there is also the impact of the increase in the price of labor accessories in the process of claim adjustment.

Second, according to a large number of floor price single problem.

Some regions have made timely adjustments, but other regions and individual areas still have relevant situations.

Third, the issue of giving other benefits beyond the contract.

With the gradual clarification of backtracking principles and standards, irrational discount competition is restricted, and other benefits beyond the contract are reappeared in different regions of each company.

Fourth, the use of value-added service terms is out of order.

Taking advantage of the differences in rates and handling charges among provinces and cities, intermediary agencies issue orders for some League single businesses or channel businesses across provinces or even violate regulations, thus disrupting the market order and data base.

Sixthly, the overall discount of new cars is still high, which damages the interests of new car policy holders.

The national average self pricing coefficient of new cars is 1.027, 18% higher than that of 0.87 of old cars. Under the condition that the compensation ratio of new and old cars is almost the same, the relatively high price of new cars infringes on the rights and interests of consumers on the one hand, and on the other hand, it is not conducive to maintaining the operation order of the new car market, and high handling charges may still become a problem in the field of new cars.

First, some regions and institutions have low prices and high fees.

After the comprehensive reform of automobile insurance, some regions and institutions have experienced a new situation of low price and high cost. The average value of the independent pricing coefficient of old and used household cars is at a relatively low level in the country. However, the market reflects that there is still a high cost problem, and the newly signed insurance policies of automobile insurance have suffered large losses.

For example, Henan, Hebei, Guangxi and other regions reflect the above situation is more prominent. Low price and high fee disturbs the market order from two aspects of insufficient pricing and chaotic cost, which is the manifestation of irrational competition and must be corrected in time.

Second, most companies have not clearly put forward the assessment index for the scale of premium reduction in most regions.

According to the survey situation reflected by the CBRC, except for a few companies, most companies have not adjusted or reduced the performance appraisal indicators in time according to the changes after the comprehensive reform. For example, PICC Property Insurance, Ping An Property Insurance, Guoshou property insurance and other companies require benchmarking market in many places, which actually implies that the market share can not be reduced and the business growth rate can only be higher than but not lower than the average market growth rate.

The relevant person in charge of the regulatory department said that the performance appraisal of the head office of insurance companies is the baton. Near the end of the year, grassroots organizations have invested in high-cost business to complete the premium target or the assessment index of the benchmark market, which has a strong impact on the market order.

After the comprehensive reform of vehicle insurance, some companies should not only meet the requirements of the local banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau on the overall independent pricing coefficient, but also obtain price advantage in the field of household car insurance. Therefore, they deliberately underwrite special vehicles, heavy trucks and taxis with high independent pricing coefficient to balance the overall independent pricing coefficient of the company.

Although the average independent pricing coefficient of some companies meets the requirements, the business structure has changed greatly compared with the original level of the company, the proportion of high-risk business has increased significantly, and the follow-up operation results are not optimistic.

The fourth is to collect the cost through the insurance of driving intention.

Calculate the operating cost account

Before the reform, the main problem in the auto insurance market was the vicious competition between high fees and high handling charges. As the overall price of auto insurance was relatively high, there was no risk of underpricing. After the reform, as the industry benchmark pure risk premium decreased to a reasonable level and the company was given a relatively wide range of independent pricing coefficient, under the condition of a large proportion of floor price , underpricing would occur Risk. In view of the reason why the heavy blow to rectify the market chaos, the relevant person in charge of the regulatory department is right.

The person in charge further said that if the company also invested in high fees and high handling charges in this case, it is not ruled out that the comprehensive cost rate may exceed 100%, and there will be underwriting losses for vehicle insurance. Therefore, each company should rationally determine the independent pricing coefficient and handling fee on the basis of calculating the operating cost account. If the vicious competition of low price and high fee is implemented in the market regardless of the cost, the operation risk of vehicle insurance will obviously increase. This is not in line with the original intention of comprehensive reform of vehicle insurance, and it must be resolutely curbed.

All companies should strictly implement the reported rates and handling charges, and it is strictly prohibited to illegally collect fees. Especially for the key areas where low prices and high fees are concerned, the next step will be to strictly deal with them and resolutely curb the signs of irrational competition. Pay close attention to the new signs in the market. All cbcircs should pay close attention to the illegal issues of illegal payment of service charges or giving benefits beyond the contract through the arbitrage fees of driving insurance.

All companies should establish scientific management assessment and incentive mechanism, take internal control implementation as the primary content of business assessment, abandon the wrong practices such as ignoring internal control compliance and risk control, blindly competing for scale and share, breaking away from the development foundation and market affordability, and assigning unrealistic premium growth tasks to branches, and regard compliance according to law as the basic premise of business development baseline.

According to the new situation and new changes of comprehensive reform of automobile insurance, the performance evaluation index in 2020 is adjusted and the performance evaluation index in 2021 is reasonably formulated around the three key aspects of scale, benefit and compliance. If the head office does not consider the market carrying capacity and the operating losses to compete for market share when formulating the assessment indicators, the regulatory authorities can stop its vehicle insurance business nationwide if necessary.

The third is to clarify the regulatory rules and conduct differentiated guidance according to local conditions. The regulatory authorities should strengthen the research on the new situations and changes in the market, and the regulatory rules should be adjusted accordingly. For small and medium-sized companies, we should give differentiated regulatory standards according to business structure and business quality. It is necessary to study and issue policies supporting small and medium-sized companies to develop innovative products, including new energy vehicle insurance, mileage insurance, UBI and other innovative products. In addition, for the exclusive products of power grid sales, the regulatory authorities, after research, believe that if only the price is superior to the demonstration products, it will become a channel to obtain low-cost competition means, and the problem of fake power grid sales will appear again, which is not conducive to the smooth and orderly progress of the current reform, so it is not supported temporarily. Editor: Chen Yu source: Shanghai Securities News Editor in charge: Zhong Qiming_ NF5619

The third is to clarify the regulatory rules and conduct differentiated guidance according to local conditions.

Editor: Chen Yu