Review: Shanghai index fell 0.49percent, lost 3400 liquor, home appliances plate callback

 Review: Shanghai index fell 0.49percent, lost 3400 liquor, home appliances plate callback

In terms of sectors: degradable plastics, cloud games, beer concept, aquaculture and other sectors ranked first, while combustible ice, liquor, white household appliances, charging pile, steel, park development, shipping concept and other sectors fell first.

Net inflow of Shanghai Stock connect was RMB 2.752 billion, net inflow of Shanghai Stock connect was RMB 1.389 billion.

With the increasing recovery of Chinas economy, the market is forming a relatively consistent expectation that monetary policy will further return to normal for the possible changes in monetary policy next year. The change of monetary policy will undoubtedly have an impact on asset prices. Industry insiders point out that the A-share market will remain structural next year, and companies with good profits, good cash flow and stable cash flow are more favored.

Anson Securities believes that the market is still in the pattern of upward shocks. Procyclicality is expected to continue to be the main line of A-share market, with special attention to the demand side having its own inventory cycle and industry cycle logic, while the supply side has the direction of contraction or capacity exit. The sustainability of these directions may exceed market expectations. The industry focuses on liquor, white electricity, automobile (including new energy automobile industry chain), chemical industry, machinery, nonferrous metals, coal, steel, insurance, banks, securities companies, military industry, semiconductor, etc.

China Securities construction investment research report said that the forecast of maintaining the current round of index rising to 3500 points of Shanghai stock index remains unchanged, and it is recommended to make long positions in the short term, but it is always on guard against the risk of rapid correction of market expectations on the economy. In terms of gem, considering that the historical December style rotation started one month earlier this year, it is suggested to maintain the view on the short-term high position of gem, but adjust the market style to equilibrium.

The official account of WeChat public, Huatai Securities Research Institute, 30, the Huatai Securities research report pointed out that the banking fundamentals have entered a new stage of pressure on profit growth, steady interest rate differential, higher asset growth and lower credit cost. Recently, the internal round of the banking sector rose, reflecting that the markets confidence in bank stocks is gradually repairing. Huatai Securities expects that the bank shares will usher in the cross-year market.

Founder Securities issued an article saying that December will meet the main upward trend at the end of the next year and the beginning of the year. On the one hand, the global economy is accelerating recovery, with resonance at home and abroad, industrial metals and energy prices hitting new highs, domestic economic production and consumption continue to improve in a two-way manner, consumption, services and manufacturing industries and other early vulnerable sectors are accelerating to make up, all of which are back to the level before the epidemic, and the economic growth rate in the fourth quarter is expected to return to about 6%. On the other hand, the third quarter cargo policy report confirmed that liquidity has entered into a neutral environment, and the rate of interest rate rise in this round is not small, and the rate of subsequent rise will be slowed down. The preferred industries in December were insurance, banking and nonferrous metals.

YueKai Securities said that the 2021 meeting will be a year of changes in the structure of residents wealth and continuous overseas inflow. In terms of the liquidity of the stock market, the marginal improvement is expected to be achieved in 2021 on the basis of tight balance between supply and demand in the second half of 2020. It is expected that the liquidity in the first half of the year is better than that in the second half of the year. With the steady recovery of the economy in the second half of the year, the policy may gradually withdraw smoothly and orderly. Under the optimistic situation, it is expected that the net inflow of a shares will reach about 300 billion yuan in 2021.