Ali SAIC joint venture to build 10 billion cars

 Ali SAIC joint venture to build 10 billion cars

However, he Xiaopeng, chairman of the board of Xiaopeng automobile, also expressed his views in the circle of friends for this cross-border and deep strategic joint venture mode.

He Xiaopeng said: will the cross-border and deep strategic cooperation between two powerful enterprises succeed in a stable and profitable market? The answer must be: there are many successful cases.

If stability and profit are removed, will it succeed? The answer seems to be: there seems to be no successful case in the domestic science and technology industry, and the differences in the implementation of the system culture route brought about by the competition for dominance are totally unavoidable.

Two years ago, I repeatedly said that those extensive, deep and complementary strategic cooperation was only tactical value, but strategy was a loss. Today, I still think so.

On November 16, the car making project jointly invested by SAIC Group, Alibaba and Pudong New Area announced that the high-end intelligent pure electric vehicle project Zhiji automobile was jointly built by the three parties.

The initial round financing of this project has reached 10 billion yuan, which is the largest among the new forces in car making. Clearly, Alibaba has joined this project. SAIC senior management disclosed. In the electric vehicle project, SAIC invested 5.4 billion yuan, Pudong Zhangjiang invested 1.8 billion yuan, Ali invested 1.8 billion yuan, and others invested 2.8 billion yuan.

According to the official introduction, at present, there are more than 200 members in Zhiji automobile project, half of which are from SAIC Group and the other part from cross-border automobile industry. It is expected that by the end of this year, the number of the project will reach 300, and it will increase further next year.

However, whether the domestic automobile market can accommodate so many new automobile making forces, and a large number of new automobile making forces have fallen into the cold winter before dawn. However, it will take time to verify whether the Zhiji car, which is aggressive and not short of money, can break through the predicament.

Source: fast technology editor: Chen Hequn_ NB12679