New rules in December! Its about your health, shopping, settling down and paying taxes

 New rules in December! Its about your health, shopping, settling down and paying taxes

New longitude and latitude in the data map

The 2020 edition of Pharmacopoeia of the peoples Republic of China will be implemented on December 30. In the new edition of Pharmacopoeia, 5911 varieties were recorded, 319 were newly added, 3177 were revised, 10 were no longer included, and 4 varieties were adjusted and merged. Pangolin, Aristolochia, tianxianteng and Huanglian Yanggan pills were not collected.

The new edition of Chinese pharmacopoeia is conducive to the adjustment of pharmaceutical industry structure and the promotion of international drug safety.

Pharmaceutical representatives shall not undertake the task of drug sales

Fake promotion doesnt work

The Interim Provisions on standardizing sales promotion activities came into effect on December 1, which stipulates that if there are additional conditions for operators to carry out price promotion activities, they shall clearly indicate the conditions. If a business operator carries out price promotion activities such as price reduction or discount within a specified time limit, the time limit shall be clearly indicated. When a business operator makes a discount or reduction in price, it shall indicate or indicate the basis for the discount or reduction in other ways that are convenient for consumers to understand. If the operator offsets the price through points, gift certificates, exchange certificates, and vouchers, it shall indicate in a conspicuous way or publicize the specific method of discount calculation through shop notices.

370 new domestic routes with market adjusted price

New longitude and latitude in the data map

Beijing Shanghai high speed railway will implement floating fare from December 23

From December 23, the Beijing Shanghai high-speed rail will distinguish seasons, time periods, seats and sections according to the passenger flow, establish a flexible pricing mechanism, and implement high-quality and good prices, with ups and downs. The ticket prices between stations are subject to the upper limit of published fares. A multi-level and flexible fare system is implemented to provide more choices for passengers. The lowest ticket price of the second-class seat of Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway is 498 yuan and the highest is 604 yuan.

Implementation of export control law

Since December 1, the export control law came into force. The export control law includes five chapters, including general provisions, control policies, control lists and control measures, supervision and management, legal responsibilities, and supplementary provisions, with a total of 49 articles. According to the law, if any country or region abuses export control measures to endanger Chinas national security and interests, China may, according to the actual situation, take reciprocal measures against the country or region.

The export control law stipulates that the State shall apply this law to the export control of dual-use items, military products, nuclear and other goods, technologies and services related to safeguarding national security and interests and fulfilling international obligations such as non-proliferation.

From December 1, the measures of Shanghai Municipality for introducing talents to apply for permanent residence in Shanghai will be implemented, and the validity period will be until November 30, 2025. Five categories of talents are directly settled in, including high-level talents, talents in urgent need of key institutions, highly skilled talents, market-oriented innovation and entrepreneurship talents, specialized talents and other special talents. According to the measures, if the introduced talents are married, their spouses and minor children can handle the household registration transfer procedures at the same time.

From December 25, Zhuhai has further relaxed the conditions for talent introduction and household entry, with an effective period of two years. Personnel with Junior College (Higher Vocational) education recognized by the Ministry of education, and senior class and above graduates of technical colleges recognized by the Ministry of human resources and social security will be included in the scope of talent introduction. The introduction age of talents with educational background, professional title, skilled personnel with national professional qualification level and excellent employees in key enterprises are under 50 years old for men and 45 years for women. Personnel with full-time bachelors degree or above within five years of graduation may apply directly to the police station with graduation certificate and relevant materials.

Consolidated declaration of property tax and behavior tax in Chongqing and Hainan

Since December 1, when taxpayers in Chongqing and Hainan declare and pay one or more taxes in urban land use tax, house property tax, vehicle and ship tax, stamp tax, cultivated land occupation tax, resource tax, land value-added tax, deed tax, environmental protection tax and tobacco tax, the property and behavior tax return shall be used.

Generally speaking, the consolidated declaration of property and behavior tax is a consolidated declaration form, and a report reports multiple taxes. When taxpayers declare multiple types of taxes, they no longer use separate tax return forms, but declare multiple taxes on one tax return at the same time. For taxpayers, it can simplify the submission of information, reduce the times of declaration and shorten the time of tax administration. After the consolidated declaration, the number of forms filled by taxpayers will be reduced from 35 to 11, and the number of data items filled in will be reduced by 204 items, by one third.

New longitude and latitude in the data map

Tianjin and Dalian join the circle of friends of garbage classification

From December 1, the regulations of Tianjin municipal solid waste management came into effect. According to the regulations, domestic waste is divided into four categories: kitchen waste, recyclable material, hazardous waste and other garbage. According to the regulations, if the domestic waste is not classified and put into the corresponding collection containers, the urban administrative department shall order it to make corrections; if it refuses to make corrections, the unit shall be fined not less than 50000 yuan but not more than 500000 yuan, and the individual shall be fined not less than 100 yuan but not more than 500 yuan.

From December 1, Dalian municipal solid waste management regulations was officially implemented. The domestic waste in Dalian is classified according to the standards of recyclable materials, kitchen waste, hazardous waste and other wastes. Units and individuals that produce domestic garbage shall be ordered to make corrections if they fail to put them into the designated places by categories; if the circumstances are serious, the units shall be fined not less than 100000 yuan but not more than 500000 yuan, and the individuals shall be fined not less than 200 yuan but not more than 500 yuan; if domestic garbage is dumped, scattered, stacked or burned at will, it shall be ordered to make corrections, and the unit shall be fined not less than 100000 yuan but not more than 500000 yuan, and the individual shall be fined not less than 200 yuan but not more than 50 yuan If there is any illegal income, the illegal income shall be confiscated.

Zhejiang: Forbidding disguised cover plate to publicize after sale charter

Since December 1, Zhejiang has standardized the entrusted sales of commercial housing. The price of commercial housing sold by the real estate underwriting agency shall be consistent with the one house one price declared by the project. It shall not split the purchase price in any form, mislead consumers by using false or nonstandard price marks and pricing methods, commercial propaganda such as after-sale charter of pre-sale commercial housing, fabrication or dissemination of false information, malicious speculation and change are not allowed The order of the market is disturbed.

Guangzhou: landlords and tenants are required to register

Guangzhou housing lease management regulations came into effect on December 1, which stipulates that: the parties to a house lease shall sign a written lease contract, and shall, within 30 days from the date of signing the housing lease contract, go through the housing rental information service platform, or go to the local street office or the town peoples government to handle the housing lease registration and filing. The landlord and tenant can register and put on record by downloading the suihaoban app on their mobile phones. After completing the Filing Certificate, they can also download the electronic certificate online for printing.

New longitude and latitude in the data map

Zhejiang: public health emergencies are treated first and then settled

Since December 1, the emergency measures for public health emergencies in Zhejiang Province came into effect. Medical institutions should implement the method of first treatment and then settlement when treating patients who are sick or injured due to public health emergencies, and shall not refuse to accept treatment or delay treatment on the ground of medical expenses.

Hainan: Forbidding disposable non degradable plastic products

Shenyang: new road reconstruction and expansion shall not be opened within 5 years

Shenyang urban underground pipeline management measures was implemented on December 1, which specifies that no excavation and laying of pipelines is allowed within five years of the newly reconstructed and expanded urban roads, so as to avoid the emergence of road zippers, and strengthen daily patrol and key monitoring.

It refers to the underground pipelines, gas pipelines, underground power pipelines, underground power pipelines, etc., which are located in the city, but do not include the management scope of the underground pipelines, the gas pipelines and the underground power pipelines. (Zhongxin Jingwei APP)