Three black swans the world must watch out for in the last month of 2020!

 Three black swans the world must watch out for in the last month of 2020!

I didnt expect that the US election would be such a chicken feather. Trump is still swearing.

I didnt expect that the United States and Israel would start a new bloodbath with their hands on Iran.

The Chinese are still concentrating on construction, and the world has changed greatly. With the last month left in 2020, we should be alert to at least three black swans.

The first black swan, chaos in the Middle East.

There should be no doubt about it.

Iranians were angry and protestors cried: do not yield to the United States, do not yield to the United States, only fight against the United States!

Iran is taking action.

Arent you afraid that I will develop nuclear weapons?

But after all, it will take time. If this is the case, the Middle East will be disrupted, and the United States and Israel will strike harder.

Dont forget that not long before the assassination of fahrizad, trump personally proposed to attack Irans nuclear facilities with missiles. This was because the advisers were so bitter that the general leader gave up the proposal.

Because it must mean war.

Irans president Rohani warned that although Iran will retaliate, it will not fall into the trap dug by Israel..

According to the analysis of Western media, Israels wishful thinking is to make things worse before Biden comes to power. If Iran loses control of its emotions and really gets into trouble with Israel and the United States, Biden really wants to improve the U.S. - Iraq issue and has no way to go back.

Israel is on high alert and the US carrier Nimitz is urgently returning to the Gulf region.

But without fierce retaliation, the Iranians will not give up.

The second black swan, after soaring, soared again.

I just looked at the latest statistics. According to the data at 6:00 a.m. today (November 30), Beijing time:

Global diagnosis: 62.591535 million;

There were 1457378 deaths worldwide.

In the United States, 266.642 million people died.

The reason why I have marked out every number after the decimal point, because this is not a simple data, but one life after another.

Unfortunately, life continues to die, in large numbers.

Dont forget, its Thanksgiving holiday in the United States, and Christmas comes next. Americans cant keep it. Just before Thanksgiving, at least 1.1 million people across the country flew to their families to reunite, the highest level since March, according to official U.S. statistics.

In the next two to three weeks, the U.S. epidemic will soar again on the basis of a surge, warns Dr. fudge of the United States.

But does it remind politicians?

You know, in view of the extraordinary situation, New York governor Cuomo issued an emergency order last month to prohibit people from gathering in religious places. If it is a red area, more than 10 people are forbidden to worship at the same time.

Please note that its the red area, not the general area.

It is interesting that as like as two peas ago, almost the same decision was made a few months ago, the Supreme Court decision was very different.

A few months ago, the U.S. Supreme Court, 5:4, supported the state governments restrictions on the gathering of people. After all, human life is critical.

A few months later, at the same 5:4, the U.S. Supreme Court opposed the state government, saying it was against religious freedom.

The former justice Ginsberg died, and trump nominated the conservative female judge Barrett, which was Barretts first major ruling.

American justice has been reversed.

But what would happen if the U.S. soared and then skyrocketed? This is not only related to life, but also inevitably affects all aspects of American economy and society.

A bigger disaster.

This fat and big black swan is terrible for Americans.

The third black swan, what about the unhappy trump?

Trump has been very unhappy recently, and twitter seems to be sending a lot less than before.

Not happy, so what to do?

With regard to bringing a lawsuit to the Supreme Court, trump said:

Then he said:

I wont change my mind for the next six months. This election is full of cheating If Republicans allow this to happen, you will never have another Republican president, or Republican president of the house, by the end of the century.

Well, Trumps unhappiness is indeed overwhelming, but the amount of information is also enormous:

1. Trump wants to take a lawsuit to the Supreme Court, but the Supreme Court is likely to refuse to hear it.

2. To make matters worse, lawyers are leaving trump for fear of such a lawsuit.

But trump cant accept Bidens victory.

What Americans worry about most is digging.

The sudden assassination of an Iranian scientist is a big hole. Pompeio and others are actually digging holes when they provoke on issues related to Hong Kong and Tibet

Even Germany cant read it.

After fahrizad was assassinated, a German Foreign Ministry spokesman said bluntly: a few weeks before the new U.S. government takes office, we must leave room to resolve the differences and conflicts related to Irans nuclear program with Iran in the future.

Biden, watch out for them digging for you!

Accident, impact and predictability.

The killing of fahrizad is accidental and shocking, but Israel has been assassinating Iranian nuclear scientists, which is an open secret; Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said publicly: remember the name fahrizad.

Iran, in the protection of national treasures, is still too negligent.

But is it Iran that is negligent?

The United States, a country with the most advanced science and technology and the most developed medical treatment in the world, ranks first in the diagnosis and death in the world.

Who neglects, who despises, who pays the price. This may be the worlds worst lesson in 2020.

There is still a final month in 2020, but it is certain that this will not be the only three black swans, and worse may still be ahead.

Biden, Biden, how many holes will you encounter?

The last month of 2020