Huaweis car making rumor shakes stock price

 Huaweis car making rumor shakes stock price

Shock stocks are the focus of recent institutional research, and last weeks most concerned by the institutions of China Science and technology Chuangda is also a member of the slump. On November 25, there was a rumor about Huawei makes cars. The rumor also said that Huawei made a complete set of auto software, which may cause damage to China kechuangda and Desai sivei. The shares of the two companies fell by 7.64% and 10% respectively on the same day.

After that, China Science and technology innovation held a conference call to focus on the cooperation between the company and Huawei. According to the survey records, 170 institutions including ICBC Credit Suisse, Baoying fund, Dunhe assets and Panjing investment attended the meeting from 17:00 to 18:00 on November 25. On the next day (November 26), Desai Xiwei was also knocked down by institutions, including Bank of communications Schroeder fund, Qunyi investment trust and Shenwan Hongyuan securities.

Both China kechuangda and Desai Xiwei are companies in the field of automotive software. Specifically, since 2017, SINOSTAR has been working closely with Huawei in the fields of chips, T-box, liteos, Hongmeng OS and intelligent cockpit. The company is one of Huaweis seven professional technology suppliers in the world, and also one of the first batch of ecological partners of harmonyos2.0, and jointly build industrial ecology with Huawei.

It is worth mentioning that Huawei also reiterated last week that it will not build complete vehicles, but focus on ICT technology to help car companies build good cars and become an incremental component provider of intelligent connected vehicles.

Talking about the degree of cooperation with Huawei, Zhongke Chuangda said that at present, the cooperation with Huawei in the cockpit area is the most close, and the cooperation with Huawei in the driving field is currently in the stage of scheme discussion.

In the survey record, Desai mainly introduced the landing of the companys intelligent driving domain controller products, without mentioning Huawei. The L3 level automatic driving domain controller has been put into mass production on Xiaopengs models, Desai said. In addition, the company has signed strategic cooperation agreements in intelligent driving with ideal automobile and NVIDIA. The company provides an excellent performance automatic driving domain controller for the ideal vehicle. On the basis of this, the ideal car will independently complete all automatic driving program design and algorithm logic setting, becoming the first new source vehicle company in China to develop Level4 automatic driving system independently.

In addition, Huayang Group, a company in the field of automotive software, also received research last week. Huayang Group is mainly engaged in the field of intelligent cockpit. On November 23 and 24, the companys share price soared continuously. On the afternoon of November 24, Penghua Fund, e fund and Zhongrong fund visited the company. Huayang Group also introduced the cooperation with Huawei in the investigation. The companys vehicles are equipped with Huawei hicar application, and the 360 view system based on Hisilicon chips are all on display in this years Beijing auto show, and other cooperation issues are being promoted.