20 years of the largest uncompleted building in Guangzhou

 20 years of the largest uncompleted building in Guangzhou

Australia villa is located in Jinkeng village, Huangpu District, Guangzhou. It is far away from the urban area. Over the past 20 years, the houses in the villa are all old. Most of the houses are eroded by termites, the furniture is rotten, and the doors and windows are not protected; the mosaic of the outer wall falls off, the building is empty, and the courtyard is overgrown with weeds.

In the mid-1990s, Australian villa set off a wave of sales boom. Guangzhou Aomei Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Aomei company) has attracted a large number of senior intellectuals, retired employees, medical staff, engineers, businessmen, etc. with the advertisement of down payment of 38000 yuan, interest free installment payment, etc., to subscribe for the beautiful environment and the Australian mountain villa adjacent to the forest.

According to the upstream news (news micro signal: shangyounews), the owners have not been able to obtain the property certificate for more than 20 years, and the villa facilities are not complete, and they are unable to live. Some people are heavily in debt because of their original mortgage loans; some are crazy and jump into the Huangpu River; some people have not lived in the villa until they die When buying a house, most of the owners were middle-aged and elderly, and now the average age is over 60 years old.

Every family has too many stories, but most of them are not good, said Mr. Joe, the representative of the Australian villa owners.

On November 29, Zhang Lingfeng, the owner of the Australian villa, inspected his house. The furniture in the house had been damaged. Photographer / upstream journalist Wang Min

Life put into it

Zhang Feng was not in Australia when he was 30 years old.

Zhang Lingfeng left the state-owned enterprises and began to do business on her own. The house she wanted was very much at that time. At the same time, Australian villa began to advertise everywhere, down payment of 38000 yuan, interest free installment payment.

In August 2003, Zhang Lingfeng heard that the house in Australias mountain villa had begun to rot. It was the first time Zhang Lingfeng heard the word unfinished, and she did not know the exact meaning of the word.

As we went down the mountain, there were gusts of cold wind. There were buses and buses on the side of the road, but they were all gone.

On November 29, the owners of the villa in Australia took a group photo. Photographer / upstream journalist Wang Min

The housing management department staff told her, in short, the house can not live, there is no way to apply for a certificate. Zhang Lingfeng understood that this house could not be lived or sold, because it was a mortgage loan, and the owner had to pay back to the bank, this is over, and Ive put my life into it..

All kinds of blows came one after another. As early as 1999, when Zhang Lingfeng lost his business, his depression became more serious. He was sued by the bank. According to the contract, the owner paid the principal of the loan to the bank, and the developer, Aomei company, paid the interest to the bank. However, the company stopped paying since September 2000.

The loan principal, interest, overdue interest, Zhang Lingfeng was overwhelmed by bank debt. The more she thought about it, the more wronged she felt. She bought a house according to her legal and compliance procedures. In the end, she not only couldnt get the house, but also paid off the debts for the developers. She didnt want to be angry.

Zhang Lingfeng remembers very clearly that on January 20, 2011, it was the great cold in the 24 solar terms. On the 17th of the twelfth lunar month, all her savings totaled only 19000 yuan. She was desperate and sad. She had to borrow money for the new year when she was 40 years old.

On November 29, the owners of the Australian villa did not see each other for a long time and exchanged greetings and hugs. Photographer / upstream journalist Wang Min

In 2011, Zhang Lingfeng searched the Internet for QQ groups related to Australian hills. QQ group is full of Australian villa owners, there are people who send information about the villa every day. The owners try to understand the reason for the unfinished business, so as to protect their rights together.

Mr. Qiao is the representative elected by the owners. Like Zhang Lingfeng, Mr. Qiao also took a look at the house of the Australian villa. He thought that the scenery of the villa was excellent, and all the people who had visited it were attracted. In this way, Mr. Qiao also entered the hunting ground advertised by Australia and the United States.

In 2002, the construction of the Australian villa stopped. The next year, the scaffolding in the villa had been corroded and collapsed.

Some of the owners began to ask for an explanation from ausco. Hu Yaozhi, the legal representative of ausco, told the owners that as a returned businessman, he wanted to create an Australian dream for the villa owners. But I didnt expect that the companys chief financial officer took away hundreds of millions of public funds, leading to the companys capital chain broken.

The owners took the company to court, demanding damages for delayed delivery. The owners found that despite winning the lawsuit, Australia and the United States could not pay liquidated damages. Mr. Qiao said that the owners told developers one after another, still can not solve the problem, the house rotten again and again.

On November 29, nearly 400 owners of the Australian villa attended the party, with an average age of 60. Photographer / upstream journalist Wang Min

The owners tried to find the bank, the government, the media According to the Guangzhou urban and Rural Development Commission, the long-term rights protection activities of the owners of Australias mountain villa have been listed as a major potential risk of instability in Guangdong Province, city and district.

Mr. Qiao said that in 2013, the government departments intervened to solve the problem of uncompleted villa houses, which gave the owners only one hope. As a result, the problem is intertwined and snowballed.

The owners have been waiting for three years, but the house is still vacant. On June 23, 2016, Zhang Lingfeng reflected the written opinions on the reconstruction of the villa to the Guangzhou Municipal Land and resources and Planning Commission. According to the reply from Guangzhou Municipal Land and resources and Planning Commission, the project has a long history, complicated situation, many problems left over from history and great difficulty in reconstruction. The government departments at all levels adhere to the established guidelines of the work conference on the reconstruction of the villa and spare no effort to actively promote the start-up construction.

I dont want to be a portrait hanging on the wall

Over the years, the representatives of the owners of the Australian villa have not been idle.

According to Mr. Qiao, the owners representative has turned over a series of problems, such as the unfinished villa and land transfer, into the latest detailed materials.

The staff of relevant departments of Huangpu District Government of Guangzhou also investigated the unfinished problems of Australia villa, maintained communication with the owners representative, and submitted various solutions to the superior departments. The owners are not sure whether the plan has been approved by the superior departments and when it will be implemented.

The next is still waiting.

As time goes on, fewer and fewer people care about Australias mountain resort, and many people are desperate. The media exposed the unfinished problem of the villa. The villa entered the public view for a short time, but the problem still remains unsolved.

In the past 20 years, there are too many stories about more than 2000 families in the villa, but most of them are not good. Some people buy houses according to the requirements of the developers and get into debt; some people go crazy and jump into the Huangpu River; some people dont live in the villa until they die; some people worry that they will become portraits when they collect their houses

He sighed and said, some people look at the body is good, but after all, they are old, fate is changeable, if you want to say no, it will be gone. You see, Maradona is the king of the ball.

On November 29, the truth of Australian villa was set up in the Australian villa, which tells the story of the unfinished Australian villa from 1993 to 2019. Photographer / upstream journalist Wang Min

Pyrotechnics in temporary transition

On November 29, a sunny day came to Australias villa.

Inside the door of the villa stands a big notice board, which shows the whole story of the Australian villa. Owners compare the villa to pot meat, and developers and stakeholders continue to devour the land: from 1993 to 2004, the meat was not cooked, but it was still in the pot; in 2004-2005, 34% of the meat in the pot was stolen; in 2007-2010, 72% of the meat in the pot was stolen; and smash the pot and steal the rest of the meat from 2015 to 2019.

On the open space in front of the White House of the villa, nearly 400 owners sat together in the audience, listening to the owners representative explain the latest evidence about the unfinished end of the villa, and share their experience in safeguarding their rights.

After lunch, the owners went to see their own houses. Owners who havent met for a long time greet each other, hug and take a group photo when they meet. In their view, not living in the villa is also a neighborhood.

Zhang Lingfengs house is on the top of the mountain. The air on the mountain is fresh and the vegetation is growing so wildly that it spreads to the road. Zhang Lingfeng asked reporters to take off their masks, the air here is not breathable in the city.

Termites have eroded Zhang Lingfengs house, door frames and furniture are all rotten. The electric box in the corridor was struck by lightning, and a large hole was left after the wire was cut. There will be no remedy for the failure of the villa. Zhang Lingfeng looked at it and regretted, the pool in front of the door and the large glass window in the living room are all carefully designed. Its a pity that they didnt work.

It is not only Zhang Lingfeng who cant put down the villa house, but also the owners who come back to live in the villa from time to time. The old owner planted a large area of vegetables, flowers, fruit trees in the open space at the gate The soil of the villa is fertile, and the carambola trees are rich in fruits. Zhang Lingfeng picked the carambola, washed the mouth, sweet into the heart.

When can the villa be rebuilt? Zhang Lingfeng is not sure. But she hopes that when the villa is rebuilt, she can plant flowers and trees in front of her house and live according to her own ideas.