The founder and other core employees are taken away by the police? Firecoin: suing rumor makers

 The founder and other core employees are taken away by the police? Firecoin: suing rumor makers

On November 28, we media reported that 17 core employees, including Li Lin, founder and chairman of and Zhu Jiawei, chief operating officer, were taken away by the police.

A person familiar with the matter told the surging news reporter that Li Lin had not been taken away by the police. If something really happened, his listed company would definitely disclose that Li Lin is the chairman of the board and a major shareholder. If he has any problems, he must disclose them and have no chance to hide them..

On the question of whether Zhu Jiawei is cooperating with the police investigation, the above-mentioned person said: in fact, even if he is cooperating, it is not surprising, but the process of cooperation must be kept confidential, which is tacit to everyone. Before, Huo coin has been cooperating well with the public security department and the law department of China. It has received many thank-you letters from many places. It has also helped to solve the case of plustoken. Even if there is any cooperation, it is understandable.

He revealed that affected by this, Li Lin also reduced his appearance activities and contact with the outside world, presumably for personal safety. As of press release, the wechat sent to Li Lin by surging journalists on November 29 has not received a reply.

Huo coin was once one of the three largest digital currency exchanges in China, and the other two were coin an and okex. According to the official website of firecoin, firecoin global station is a bitcoin trading platform, providing real-time price trend charts of bitcoin, letcoin, Ethereum and other currencies, providing digital asset trading and asset management services for tens of millions of users in more than 130 countries.

As another cryptocurrency exchange, the founder of okex, Xu Xingxing, is also in trouble recently. On October 18, auco cloud chain, controlled by Xu Xingxing, announced that Xu Xingxing is currently under investigation by Chinese public security organs. On November 20, Xu Xingxing sent an article in the circle of friends to respond to the matter, saying that auco cloud chain completed an equity acquisition transaction a few years ago. As the acquired party involved in a complex judicial case, it was required to cooperate in the investigation.

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