200 billion spicy powder + 150 billion reverse repurchase

 200 billion spicy powder + 150 billion reverse repurchase

It is worth noting that as of November 30, the central bank has carried out reverse repurchase operations for 10 consecutive working days.

Source: wind

Wind data shows that 430 billion yuan of reverse repurchase will mature in the open market of the central bank this week (November 30 to December 6). Among them, 40 billion yuan, 70 billion yuan, 120 billion yuan, 80 billion yuan and 120 billion yuan due from Monday to Friday respectively; there is no positive repurchase and waiting period for central bank bills.

Guohai Securities Analysis, the third quarter of the central banks monetary policy implementation report put forward no shortage, no overflow. This statement is consistent with the fact that since the third quarter, the central banks money supply margin has been tightened and the interest rate of funds has risen significantly, reflecting that the current monetary policy has returned to neutrality. At present, the monetary policy continues to tighten the foundation is still weak. The central bank will continue to maintain monetary neutrality in the near future, and make a choice when the situation becomes clear.