Question Zhong Nanshans female artists continue to brush and steal her photos

 Question Zhong Nanshans female artists continue to brush and steal her photos

In addition, the photos sent by this social account are not Shen Jiaxin himself, but the photos of actor Zhao Zhaoyi are stolen. At present, Zhao Zhaoyis fans support association responded: in view of Zhao Zhaoyis stolen photos, the company and the fans support association are actively dealing with it. They have collected all the posts related to relevant comments on the Internet, and have contacted the other party to delete and replace them. The official side can not be contacted at present for this overseas one!

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Suspected Shen Jiaxins overseas account number: lost his job because he was blocked by Zhong Nanshan

Netease Entertainment reported on November 30 that recently, artist Shen Jiaxin asked academician Zhong Nanshan about the quality of microblog development, which has caused public indignation. At present, Shen Jiaxins microblog has been banned for 15 days due to malicious marketing. Recently, another netizen broke out that a suspected social account of Shen Jiaxin continued to post articles on overseas social platforms, and Gao Lian continued to publish angry and radical words, questioning academician Zhong Nanshan.

In the suspected overseas social networking account of Shen Jiaxin, there was a post saying: the impact of the incident is getting bigger and bigger, which is beyond my imagination when I tweet! She also admitted that many fans and netizens who supported her also began to blame her, saying that she wanted to be famous to do so, and asked her to apologize and even put pressure on the company.

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