Lin Zhilings 46th birthday: she thought she was pregnant

 Lin Zhilings 46th birthday: she thought she was pregnant

Lin Zhiling posted a beautiful photo on her microblog, and wrote: thank you for your blessing, and I wish you all peace and health, happy heart, happy days, and spend the last month of this year together..

Lin Zhiling has been out of the entertainment industry since her marriage with ryongping Kurosawa in November last year. She has settled in Japan with her husband. She occasionally returns to Taiwan to visit her parents and participate in some public welfare activities. After her marriage, she has a happy and comfortable life and returns to family happiness. As a little woman, she occasionally takes selfie photos online. She can feel her happiness and stability across the screen.

After her marriage, Lin Zhiling has been concerned about the topic of giving birth to a child. She also said that she would work hard. Heize Liangping also said that she would let it be and didnt want to put too much pressure on his wife. After the wedding, Lin Zhiling suspended work, stayed in Japan and actively prepared for pregnancy.

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Lin Zhiling has made preparations for frozen eggs, but her husband refuses to be given birth, with a good mentality

Netease Entertainment reported on October 16, according to the latest report of Hong Kong media, Lin Zhilings husband Akiras combination has been in constant happiness in recent years. After the captain Hiro, members Takahiro, Akira and makidai have successively become bridegroom and married one after another. Members of her husbands team also sent a message on the social network station to announce the happy news, saying that the wife of an outsider had given birth to a baby boy for him yesterday, and his mother and son are safe.

According to Hong Kong media, Zhiling, 45, was accused of having frozen eggs in 2014. At that time, nine frozen eggs were reserved, and six more eggs were added two years later, making full preparations for giving birth.

Zhilings sister had said in an interview before that she was trying to create a human being, and she also said that she would let it go. However, because of the condition of the bronchus, she secretly went into hospital for surgery, which attracted many netizens and fans worry. It seems that the plan for two babies is also delayed.

However, her husband Akira said in an interview that whenever there is a child, its OK to let it go. The couple have a tacit understanding. Her husband also refuses to be born. She has also revealed that as long as there is expert advice, she will not reject the crystallization of love that belongs to him and Zhilings sister through artificial insemination.

Although the outside world has been worried about the two, especially Zhiling sister is 45 years old and still not happy, but it seems that the goddess and her husband are still enjoying the perfect world of two people, and they seem to be very happy and not anxious.

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