Semiconductor giant in crisis! Price of new orders in the industry soared (with shares)

 Semiconductor giant in crisis! Price of new orders in the industry soared (with shares)

Over the weekend, a news report about South Korean employee of Chongqing SK Hynix Semiconductor (Chongqing) Co., Ltd. was positive for new coronavirus nucleic acid after leaving the country, bringing the semiconductor industry into hot search again. At present, SK Hynix Chongqing factory, which works in a certain Institute of Han, temporarily stops production and implements totally closed management.

Sk Hynix Chongqing factory was established on July 15, 2013, mainly engaged in semiconductor post process services such as probe testing, packaging, packaging testing, module assembly and module testing of semiconductor products. At present, nandflash is mainly used in mobile devices, such as smart phones, tablet computers and USB.

According to previous media reports, the capacity of SK Hynix Chongqing plant phase II project has reached 100%. The comprehensive annual output of Chongqing SK Hynix phase II project will account for more than 40% of the entire SK Hynix flash memory products, making it the worlds largest overseas packaging and testing base. This also means that the temporary shutdown of SK Hynix Chongqing factory will directly affect 40% of SK Hynixs flash sealing and testing capacity. If the shutdown time is prolonged, it will affect the global flash memory shipment. According to trendforce, SK Hynixs share of the global flash market in the third quarter of this year was 11.3%.

It is reported that after November, the plant ball packaging capacity was full, and the price of IC carrier board was increased due to shortage. The price of new orders has increased by about 20%, and the price of urgent orders has increased by 20% to 30%. In addition, the worlds largest sealing and testing enterprise riyueyue announced that it would increase the average order receiving price of the first quarter of 2021 by 5% to 10% to cope with the rising cost of IC board price.

In fact, in addition to international large factories, several domestic head sealing and testing plants are basically in full capacity.

As for the three links of chip design, manufacture and sealing, the only link that can compete with international enterprises is the sealing test. According to the latest data of TrendForce, Chinas mainland manufacturers account for 3 of the global Top10s seal testing enterprises, and these three are Jiangsu Changdian, Tongfu micro power and Tianshui Alex Hua Tian, which account for 25.1% of the total market share.

According to the current situation of semiconductor development, the process technology in the front stage of the chip is developing rapidly, but the packaging and testing technology in the later stage has not achieved the same level of development. Because the capital investment and return of the packaging process are not proportional to each other, the advanced packaging technology still fails to meet the expectations. This also led to a fact that only some big manufacturers have the strength to do advanced packaging technology.

Recently, TSMC revealed that it is using a 3D stacking technology named SOIC to package chips vertically and horizontally. With this technology, many different types of chips can be stacked and connected into the same package, which makes the whole chipset smaller, more powerful and lower power consumption. In addition, TSMCs financial report released last month showed that the company expects its back-end service revenue, including advanced packaging and testing, to grow slightly above the companys average in the next few years.

TSMCs entry into the packaging industry has undoubtedly intensified the competition in the packaging industry. Many people in the industry lament that TSMC does not pay attention to military ethics. Once the chips produced by TSMC are sealed and tested by themselves, it will be a big reshuffle for the whole chip packaging and testing industry. Naturally, the three major chip packaging and testing enterprises in China have also ushered in great challenges. Obviously, chip packaging or semiconductor development The next arena of the exhibition.

A shares of 8 shares

According to the statistics of securities times and data treasure, there are 8 listed companies in A-share market, which are Changdian technology, Huatian technology, Shenzhen technology, Tongfu micro electric, Taiji industry, Jingfang technology, Fuman electronics and Kangqiang electronics.

Changdian technology is the worlds leading semiconductor microsystem integration and packaging testing service provider. Benefiting from the rebound of the packaging and testing industry, Changdian technology achieved an income of 18.763 billion yuan in the first three quarters, with a year-on-year growth of 15.85%, and a profit of 764 million yuan, turning a loss into a profit. The company said that it was more optimistic about the current market recovery, and that turning losses into profits benefited from the early layout of 5g, automotive electronics and other related industries.

Tongfu micro power is the second leader in the field of chip packaging and testing. Last year, the company ranked second in the domestic industry and sixth in the global industry in terms of revenue scale for two consecutive years. According to trendforce data, in the third quarter of this year, Tongfu micro power ranked sixth in the global packaging and testing manufacturers with a market share of 5.9%, which is the second largest packaging and testing manufacturer in China after Changdian. It is worth mentioning that Tongfu Micro Electric Co., Ltd. has obtained a net inflow of 70.4094 million yuan from northbound capital in recent 5 days.

Huatian technology is the seventh largest packaging and testing enterprise in the world and the third in mainland China. It has obvious advantages in terms of technology and customer resources. It has acquired unisem to expand its global distribution. The company recently said that the current production orders are relatively full, which is due to the further improvement of the level of domestic packaging design companies, and the transfer of foreign packaging orders to China. At the same time, domestic manufacturers have reached To international standards.

Judging from the stock price performance of the secondary market, since this year, the stock prices of Jingfang technology, Fuman electronics and Huatian technology have increased by more than 100%, realizing the share price doubling. Among them, the stock price of Jingfang technology has increased by 161.55%, ranking first. The latest closing price is 73.5 yuan, which has been reduced by 30.66% compared with the peak in the year. (Guojie, databao)

Source: Securities Times editor in charge: Yang Bin_ NF4368