Four major newspapers: the balance of two financial institutions will return to the peak in five years

 Four major newspapers: the balance of two financial institutions will return to the peak in five years

As the fundamental law of the capital market, the new securities law highlights the protection of the rights and interests of investors, especially the protection of the rights and interests of small and medium-sized investors. When the new securities law will be implemented for nine months, the pattern of investor protection will be clearer.

Dong zhongyun, chief economist of AVIC securities, said in an interview with Securities Daily that in the past, due to the imperfection of the legal system, securities investors often faced many difficulties in protecting their rights and interests by means of litigation, such as complex litigation process, long litigation cycle and high litigation cost, which led to the poor effect of securities litigation by investors. The third paragraph of Article 95 of the new securities law on representative action is generally considered to be one of the biggest highlights of the new securities law.

It will take time for bank financing subsidiaries to speed up the migration of stock products

Recently, Zheshang Bank announced that the board of directors agreed to set up the wholly-owned Zhejiang Bank Financial Management Co., Ltd., but the related matters need to be approved by the regulatory authorities. If approved to be established, it will become the ninth joint-stock bank financing subsidiary approved to be established in China.

Shandong business development releases health 3.0 iterative brand, deeply cultivates big health industry strategy and upgrades again

In the past two years, Shandong has entered the field of big health and completed the development of its systematic layout. After clarifying its strategic development goal of 100 billion yuan this year, the company has recently released its health 3.0 brand. On November 27, the reporter of Securities Daily learned that the companys strategy of transformation and upgrading with big health as its main business was clearer through an interview at the Shandong merchants development and health 3.0 brand conference held in Qingdao.

Zhao Yanfeng, Chief Strategic Officer of Lushang group, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the board of directors of Shandong business development group, said that Shandong business development will focus on two industrial sectors of ecological health and biological medicine, and continue to build three business chains of urban renewal ecological chain, health management service chain and biological medicine industry chain, and develop healthy housing, biological medicine, health care, urban renewal, cultural tourism and property management Management, business management operation, smart technology and other fields show new achievements.

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The balance of the two financial institutions returned to the peak five years later, and securities companies vied to smash money and rob customers

As of November 28, the balance scale of Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges has remained above the 1.5 trillion level for 34 consecutive trading days. This is the first time after five years that the balance of the two financial institutions has risen to the high level around July 2015.

This year, the two financial services have done very well, after all, the bull market. A person from a listed securities firm told the securities times that in the past two years, securities companies have been actively promoting refinancing, and a considerable part of the funds have been used in the advance layout of the two financing businesses. In addition, in the second half of the year, the securities lending business developed rapidly, and the margin balance scale increased by about 7 times compared with the beginning of the year, and the situation of insufficient supply of bonds has been greatly improved.

Where is the way to transform the stock of P2P out of the historical stage?

Theres no gameover. The P2P (online loan intermediary) platform expanded from the whole line in 2012 and 2013 to the crazy expansion in the last three years of 2015. At the end of 2017, the peak loan balance exceeded trillion yuan, and then to the industry rectification and overall clearing up since 2018, Wang Shiqiang, a senior researcher at the hemp bag Research Institute, is one of the witnesses to the rise and fall of the industry. In an interview with a Securities Times reporter on November 27, Wang Shiqiang said frankly, its time for P2P to curtain down on the historical stage.

Promote industry technology innovation and build a new digital ecology of capital market

On November 27, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange organized and held the 2020 technical conference with the theme of science and technology leading u00b7 common spectrum of digital new chapter, which was the fourth consecutive year that Shenzhen stock exchange held the whole industry technical conference. This conference is an important measure to deeply study and implement the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, conscientiously implement the requirements of accelerating digital development, resolutely fulfill the responsibility of supporting industry scientific and technological innovation, and jointly promote the construction of a new digital ecology of capital market. It is committed to further promote the exchange and cooperation of industry technology, enhance the ability of industry risk prevention and resolution, and promote industry digitization Intelligent development will enhance the ability of the capital market to serve the real economy.

Li Chao, vice chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, delivered a video address. Responsible comrades from relevant departments and units of the CSRC system, technical directors, experts and scholars from securities, funds, banks, futures, insurance companies, high-tech enterprises, universities and scientific research institutes attended the meeting.

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A-share cross year market expected to rise, institutions continue to be optimistic about Pro cyclical

Although the market is volatile, but due to a number of hot plate take over, as of November 27, the Shanghai Composite Index has risen by 5.7% since November, the second highest monthly rise in the year. The cross year market predicted by the securities companies seems to have a starting trend.

Grasp the fund investment advisory business and break through the transformation of wealth management

We are in a big era of wealth management market. Since the reform and opening up for 40 years, the wealth of residents has been accumulating continuously. The purchase and allocation of physical assets have turned to the demand for financial assets. The allocation of household assets is ushering in a turning point. In the context of the times and the call of market demand, securities companies are also constantly thinking and exploring the transformation of wealth management business. As an important participant in the industry, wealth management institutions of securities companies have the responsibility to give full play to their own advantages and capabilities. With the support of science and technology empowerment, the wealth management institutions of securities companies have the responsibility to provide more high-quality, professional, meticulous and accurate services to meet customers differentiated wealth management needs.

New energy commercial vehicles on the fast lane

Affected by the new four modernizations trend of the automobile industry and the vigorous development of the new energy commercial vehicle market, the major automobile enterprises have continuously increased the layout strength in the field of new energy commercial vehicles and seized the market opportunities.

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Important subsidiaries stop production and fail to disclose in time

According to the regulatory investigation, Haili bio announced on September 25 this year that Jinhai biological, a holding subsidiary of the company, began to carry out relevant transformation in January this year according to the requirements of the establishment plan for FMD and HPAI vaccine manufacturers. According to the planning requirements, Jinhai biology should complete the transformation before November 30 this year. In order to ensure the completion of the transformation project on schedule, Jinhai biological has stopped production for transformation since April this year, and then on September 22, Jinhai biology fully resumed production through the verification of the local competent department.

New force of insurance industry rises, premium growth of small and medium-sized companies overtakes old insurance enterprises

With the recovery of the insurance industry, market competition has gradually revealed a new pattern. According to the industry breakdown data in the first three quarters of this year, the premium growth rate of the top companies in terms of market share is lower than that of small and medium-sized companies in terms of both personal insurance and property insurance.

Shanghai Securities News reporter recently obtained an industry breakdown data of the first three quarters, which shows that among the life insurance companies, the total original insurance premium income of small and medium-sized companies in the first three quarters was 1075.994 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 10.52%, 6.38 percentage points higher than that of the old seven. Old seven refers to the top seven companies in the life insurance market, including Guoshou, Ping An Life, Taiping Life Insurance, Xinhua life insurance, Taikang Life Insurance and PICC Life Insurance.

How to seize the opportunity of Hong Kong stock market through fund?

As of November 27, the total net inflow of funds to the South has exceeded 530 billion yuan this year, the largest amount since the opening of Shanghai Hong Kong stock connect and Shenzhen Hong Kong stock connect. At the same time, several public funds also increased their investment in Hong Kong stocks in the third quarter of this year. Industry insiders believe that at present, the performance price ratio of Hong Kong stock investment is at a historical high level, and with the gradual increase of China capital stock listing and the gradual increase of the proportion of new economy plate in the Hong Kong stock market, the investment value of Hong Kong stock will become increasingly significant.

Ping An Securities said in a research paper that although the Hong Kong stock market is generally at a disadvantage, in recent years, Hong Kong stocks have actively embraced emerging industries and attracted a number of high-quality emerging industry companies to list in Hong Kong. Especially for China capital stock exchange, its loose capital control and friendly policy environment have become the first choice for China capital stock to be listed on the stock market. It is a trend for China capital stock exchange to speed up its return rate. Some large market value emerging industry companies may take the lead in going to Hong Kong through secondary listing.

Source of this article: Yang Qian, editor in charge of Securities Daily_ NF4425