In the first 11 months, 234 fund managers left, reaching a new high in nearly five years

 In the first 11 months, 234 fund managers left, reaching a new high in nearly five years

The director of a medium-sized public offering market department in Shenzhen said that with the increasingly fierce competition in the public offering industry, the survival of the fittest fund managers will become the norm. In recent two years, the market has maintained a structural market, especially since the beginning of this year, the market style has changed rapidly, and some fund managers mistakes have led to the bottom of the performance. Since this year, the issuance and establishment of several hot money funds have made the core position of fund managers in fund companies increasingly prominent. While star fund managers have the halo effect, the markets tolerance for poor performance fund managers is also declining. In the era of big asset management, in the process of the development and improvement of various asset management institutions such as financial subsidiaries, fund managers with leading performance will also face more diversified choices, and the allocation of human resources will continue to be optimized in the flow. He said.

However, some people in the industry believe that for the industry, the turnover of more than 200 fund managers is a very high data. According to a person from a small public offering product department in South China, mutual funds advocate value investment and long-term investment. The turnover rate of fund managers exceeds 10%, and investment performance is bound to be discounted.

Another large public offering person said that fund managers performance ranking within a certain period of time is not the only measure of ability. The net value increase of fund units is disclosed every day, and fund managers are under great pressure, which may lead them to be too anxious and pay attention to short-term ranking and adopt excessive investment strategies. From the perspective of historical performance, the investment returns of fund managers who take into account various styles are not good. Only by lengthening the assessment period can fund managers extricate themselves from the strong sense of anxiety, thus forming a long-term stable investment style, and the performance will be much more stable.

Extended reading fund master at the end of the year to play the Eighteen weapons top ten securities strategy: the opening of the next years market will usher in the main upsurge in December, the capital flows into financial stocks to become the key object of adding positions. Source: China Fund News Editor in charge: Ren Hui_ NBJ9607