Sad! Bitcoin price drops more than 14percent in one day

 Sad! Bitcoin price drops more than 14percent in one day

In the view of industry insiders, the sharp rise of bitcoin in recent 7 days is mainly due to the continuous purchase of a large number of institutions, which has driven the enthusiasm of the market to be bullish. And in recent two days reappearance plummeting market, also related to this factor.

As Liu Feng, director of the Research Center for blockchain technology and application, Institute of artificial intelligence and change management, Shanghai University of international business and economics, points out that bitcoin has fallen in recent two days. On the one hand, bitcoin has continued to rise for a period of time, and there is no reasonable shock to release short-term risk; on the other hand, when the price of bitcoin is near the historical peak, there are many institutions selling off, which leads to the one-day price collapse At the same time, it also exacerbated the market pressure.

And this also shows that the speculative nature of the virtual token trading market is still very strong and fluctuates greatly. Liu Feng reminds way. In fact, from the performance of the past seven days, bitcoin price performance is extremely unstable. The sharp fluctuation of price intensifies the risk, especially the users who use leverage are more likely to lose money because of the drastic change of the market. Therefore, it is necessary to keep rational investment and pay attention to property safety.

Liu further said that since the flash crash on November 26, the market has picked up again, which is also in line with expectations. On the one hand, it is expected that it will land and the bad will be exhausted; on the other hand, Ethereum was successfully completed in phase 0, and other stages were started in parallel, which stimulated the market to a certain extent and continued to bring about the momentum of steady recovery.

It is worth noting that bitcoin fever continues, there are also many illegal acts and traps to be vigilant against. As Liu Feng said, despite the continuous development of blockchain technology, everyone is optimistic about the implementation of blockchain technology. However, there are also some blockchain technology speculators and even pseudo blockchain technology, who will make use of the speculation psychology of the public, through the speculation of hot money of capital, to skillfully use the news of technological innovation to speculate on virtual tokens. Therefore, on the one hand, long-term investors should have their own knowledge of technology products and should not blindly invest; on the other hand, they should not credulously join the so-called chat group and exchange group, and then be brought into the fraud circle, causing their own property losses.

In such a market, it is suggested that the regulatory authorities should strengthen targeted supervision to warn investors of speculative trading risks to the maximum extent. In addition, Liu Feng said that investors also need to have a clear investment awareness and technical threshold knowledge to prevent being cheated and induced, thus preventing property losses.

Source: Wang Xiaowu, editor in charge of Beijing Business Daily_ NF