Its hard to solve the confusion of consignment sale! Li Gui trust pulls out fraud industry chain

 Its hard to solve the confusion of consignment sale! Li Gui trust pulls out fraud industry chain

Since the beginning of this year, there has been a wave of defaults and Thunderbolt in the trust industry, and it has become normal for investors to group together on social platforms for information symmetry, which has attracted the attention of some trust agency agents. According to a recent survey conducted by Beijing business daily, these people, taking advantage of the urgency of protecting the rights of investors, first chatted up with investors and introduced their products to investors in conversation, thus obtaining personal information of investors.

After Beijing Business Daily reporter released the relevant information of want to know about the overdue situation of a certain trust product and what products are there recently in the trust industry as an investor, immediately some investors who claim to be group warming come to chat up. After further understanding, the reporter found that those who claim to know about the overdue situation of trust products are not real investors, but the trust sales platform personage.

This phenomenon is not an isolated case. The reporters of Beijing business daily randomly added the contact information of several intermediaries on the consignment platform. They did not provide the reporters with the latest information about the overdue trust products. Instead, they introduced trust products to reporters. Some of the intermediaries invited reporters to fill in the risk assessment.

The intermediary told the Beijing Business Daily that all the products they sold on commission were from regular trust companies, and investors wanted to buy them. Only after risk assessment could they recommend trust products according to the evaluation information. The reporter noted that the risk assessment mainly requires investors to fill in personal disposable annual income, investment experience, investment purpose, etc. When investors buy trust products, they need to open high net worth authentication. In this step, investors need to fill in more private personal information such as ID card, detailed address, account controller, occupation, education background, etc.

For such risk assessment, Wang Deyi, a lawyer from Beijing xunzhen law firm, believes that the seller of financial products must have a basic understanding of the buyer and conduct education for qualified investors. This practice itself is not a problem. Some companies use the function of risk assessment to evaluate the assets, credit and strength of investors, so as to achieve accurate marketing. However, there are professional sales channels for trust products, and advertising through public media is not allowed. Only qualified investors can purchase trust products. Investors should go to a qualified institution and sign a formal transaction contract before they can participate in the transaction.

After the Beijing Business Daily reporter completed the risk assessment according to the process, the intermediary introduced the trust products of a trust company to the reporter. In order to verify the authenticity, the reporter then called the trust company to verify, the companys customer service personnel told reporters that there is no cooperative relationship between the two sides, the companys sales channel is generally banks or securities companies, not in other channels.

There is no problem in the risk assessment of subscription products, because to do product risk matching, investors meet the risk level matching of corresponding products. Liao Hekai, an analyst at Jinle function, pointed out that such platforms use risk assessment as a cover. Without the knowledge of customers, using false information to obtain personal information of investors or even fraud will bring potential threats to investors assets.

Trust Commission disorder has been criticized by the market, near the end of the year, financial fraud has begun to breed, Li Gui trust again. It is understood that the sales channels of trust products can be roughly divided into three categories: direct sales by companies, sales by financial institutions on a commission basis, self financing and other sales channels. Due to the relatively high rate of the Commission platform of banks and other financial institutions, some agencies have been derived from the market. With the gimmicks of special channel Commission discount and successful purchase rebate, they have attracted the attention of many investors and gradually become the distribution center of false trust products.

In order to clarify the risks of ligui trust, over the past month, several trust companies, such as Minmetals trust, Anxin trust, Zhongyuan trust, Zijin trust, CITIC Trust and AVIC trust, have issued a statement saying that there are criminals who use the companys name to conduct financial fraud, and remind investors to be vigilant. Beijing Business Daily reporters found that the ligui trust, which was clarified by a number of trust companies through announcements and clarifications, is a kind of fictitious trust company name or false trust product by borrowing app, logo and other information; the other type is cheating in the name of trust company.

Shuai guorang, a researcher of usufructuary trust, said in an interview with Beijing Commercial Daily that the return on investment of trust products is relatively high and has a high reputation among investors, but investors lack relevant financial knowledge. Moreover, the supervision of APP in the industry is extensive, and various reasons lead to the emergence of ligui trust.

Liao Hekai stressed that the main reason why ligui trust companies emerge in endlessly is the huge profits. It can not only obtain the information of high net worth customers, but also derive a whole fraud industry chain targeting high net worth customers. The low cost of counterfeiting but the huge benefits are the driving force for all kinds of swindlers to join in the renovation of means.

For investors, it is still necessary to keep their eyes open to prevent fraud in the trust agency industry. Liao Hekai reminded that all the regular fund-raising accounts of trust institutions have the full name of the trust company, but those who ask customers to transfer funds to other accounts under the banner of trust products are fraud. In addition, when there are problems disclosed by trust companies, they can be directly fed back to the CBRC, the competent unit of the trust company. They will get timely and effective responses, and we should not trust those with unknown sources News.

Direct selling dilemma in trust industry

The rise of gray industry chain of trust agency marketing industry also highlights the difficulty of direct sales of trust. According to the trust industry special research report of China Trust Industry Association in 2019, by the end of 2018, 61 trust companies had set up 347 wealth centers in 52 cities across the country, with 4899 wealth managers. From the perspective of various trust companies, only one trust company has more than 1000 people in its wealth management department, 13 of which have more than 100 people, accounting for 21.31%; the number of wealth management departments of 40 trust companies is less than 50, accounting for 65.57%.

The slow construction of the wealth management center has made the trust market disorderly and left investors and trust companies chicken feathers in one place. China Trust Industry Association pointed out that with the advent of the era of big asset management, under the dual pressure of peer competition and tightening supervision, the stability of customers is greatly affected, and trust wealth management faces the risk of customer loss.

Liao Hekai bluntly said that the cost of trust companys direct selling team is high, and trust companys direct selling needs to consider many factors such as brand image, resulting in more cost spent on image engineering and higher cost. Secondly, the product line can not keep up with the times, and the staff redundancy often exists, especially the mismatch between the asset side and the capital side, which aggravates this situation.

Rome wasnt built in a day. How to improve the early investment and slow effect of wealth management business through effective means, so as to improve the ability to obtain customers has become a problem in front of trust companies. In Shuai guorangs opinion, trust companies should increase capital investment and introduce professional talents to make up for the deficiencies of trust companies in financial technology security.

For trust companies, it is necessary to improve the richness of product lines, as well as the capital matching degree and work efficiency of direct sales personnel. Or launch a product line with unique advantages in subdivided fields, so that the direct sales personnel have a definite target and are dedicated to the advantageous areas. The deep cultivation of the advantage subdivision field can let the marketing talents go deeper into the companys operation field, improve the skills and professional division of labor in corresponding fields, and timely update the competitive salary matching the same field, so as to maximize the talent advantage and improve the talent stability. Liao Hekai said.

Source: Beijing business daily Author: Meng fanxia, song Yitong, editor in charge: Wang Xiaowu_ NF