Northbound capital flows into financial stocks and becomes a key target for additional positions

 Northbound capital flows into financial stocks and becomes a key target for additional positions

Mining industry stocks for 3 consecutive weeks

Data treasure statistics show that, last week, the number of northbound capital holdings month on month increased 17. Mining, leisure services, chemical industry, light industry manufacturing, steel and other industries, the increase in the number of capital holdings was higher. Among them, the number of shares in the mining industry increased most significantly on a month on month basis. Beishang capital recently held 1.784 billion shares in the industry, up 5.73% month on month.

Mining industry for three consecutive weeks for the top of the list of capital positions, steel industry is also among the top, last week, market style switching continued, pro cyclical stocks become a hot topic for funds.

Last week, a total of 33 stocks were listed on the active trading list. In terms of their industries, electrical equipment, electronics and other industries were the most concentrated, with 4 stocks on the list. The largest turnover was Maotai, Guizhou, with a total turnover of 9.198 billion yuan last week; followed by Ping An of China, with a total transaction amount of 7.716 billion yuan; and BYD, Wuliangye, etc.

According to the statistics of the net trading amount of Beishang capital, a total of 22 stocks were net buyers in the list last week. Gree Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. had the largest net purchase amount, with a net purchase amount of 1.965 billion yuan last week, which has been net purchased for 7 consecutive trading days, and RMB 6.032 billion yuan has been purchased in the past month.

In terms of capital flow, 13 trading active stocks got the main net capital inflow last week. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China had the largest net inflow of capital, and the net inflow of main capital was 2.429 billion yuan; Ping An of China and Taibao of China also ranked first in the net inflow of main capital. There were 20 stocks with the main capital outflow, and BYD had the largest net outflow of funds, with a net outflow of 2.407 billion yuan.

From the trading of active stocks, we can clearly find that financial stocks continued to become the focus of Beishang funds. Most of the science and technology stocks have stalled, and financial and cyclical stocks have become the main buying targets.

Financial stocks are hot, on the one hand, because of the technology stocks rose after the valuation repair. At the end of the year, the main focus of the year is to lock in the annual return, which makes the margin of risk preference fall. The low valuation and stagflation plate is more likely to become the main target of choice. According to the data, since the third quarter of last year, the proportion of financial stock market value has decreased for five consecutive quarters, from 19.71% in the second quarter of last year to 12.91% at the end of the third quarter of this year, with a cumulative decrease of 6.8 percentage points. Since the fourth quarter of this year, financial stocks bottomed out and rebounded. The latest market value accounted for 13.99%, an increase of 1.08 percentage points compared with the end of the third quarter.

On the other hand, the expectation of economic recovery is increasing, and the recovery of corporate profitability in the future will also lead to the rise of financial enterprises profits. From this years three quarterly reports, the fundamentals of bank stocks are good and the performance guarantee is large. At the same time, the credit risk of banks is actually declining, which has sufficient medium and long-term investment value.

Add 17 shares for 7 consecutive weeks

Last week, there were a total of 678 Beishang capital positions. In terms of the proportion of increased shares in the circulating shares, there were 50 stocks with a margin of over 0.5%. In the automobile sector, cobda has the largest proportion of additional positions, with the latest holding of 3.063 million shares, accounting for 3.14% of the current shares; followed by Xuji Electric, with an increase rate of 2.36%; other companies with the largest increase in position are Chenming paper, Zhenghai magnetic materials, Zhongke Chuangda, etc.

From the perspective of market performance, 14 stocks rose and 6 stocks fell in the top 20 stocks of Beishang capital position increase last week. Treades share price rose 15.7% last week, ranking first. Other top gainers were Yanzhou coal, Xuji Electric, Zhenghai magnetic materials and duofuduo.

For a long time, databao statistics show that Beishang capital has bought 142 shares for 4 consecutive weeks. In terms of industry, chemical industry has more stocks, with 17.

17 shares were further increased by northbound capital for 7 consecutive weeks. According to the change of shareholding proportion, Tang Shin Pei Jian has the largest increase in position, accounting for 6.63% of the circulating shares compared with 7 weeks ago; other continuous positions have been increased by Fangda special steel, Meiya optoelectronics, guoci materials, Gree Electric appliances, etc.

Continuous reduction of 98 shares

Data treasure statistics show that Beishang capital has sold 98 shares for 4 consecutive weeks. In terms of industry, the number of individual stocks in the pharmaceutical and biological industry was the largest, with 19.

From the change of shareholding ratio, compared with 4 weeks ago, the proportion of 28 shares reduced by more than 1 percentage point. Guanghuan new net had the largest reduction of positions, 4.36 percentage points lower than 4 weeks ago. Other big reduction rates included kalitech, Wanfu biological, Hongqi chain, etc.