If you dont do it, you will lose 67percent! Investors repeatedly hit the bait

 If you dont do it, you will lose 67percent! Investors repeatedly hit the bait

The latest high price convertible bond, Longpan convertible bond price of 308 yuan, will be redeemed at a little more than 100 yuan. If it does not operate, it will lose 68%. Now Zhende convertible bond of 399 yuan will also be redeemed at a little more than 100 yuan, and if it is not operated, it will lose more than 70%!

308 yuan of Longpan convertible bonds will also be forced to redeem.

Longpan technology announced on the evening of November 29 that the redemption registration date of Longpan convertible bonds was December 10, the redemption price was 100.32 yuan / sheet, and the redemption payment date was December 11; the trading and share conversion of Longpan convertible bonds would be stopped from the next trading day on the redemption registration date.

The closing price of Longpan technology in 15 consecutive trading days from October 29, 2020 to November 18, 2020 is higher than the current share price of Longpan convertible bond of 9.48 yuan / share. According to the agreement, the redemption clause of convertible bonds has been triggered.

The latest price of Longpan convertible bonds is 308.18 yuan. If it is not sold in time or converted into the principal shares of Longpan technology, if it is forced to redeem, it will lose 67.45%.

Investors who hold Longpan convertible bonds must remember that they must sell or convert shares before December 10!

There are only four hours left for Wanli convertible bond

Longpan convertible bonds are the latest convertible bonds disclosed on the last trading day. At present, there are many convertible bonds that trigger and will implement forced redemption, such as Wanli convertible bonds, Zhende convertible bonds, gold medal convertible bonds, etc.

Among them, Wanli convertible bonds have only one trading day left, that is, November 30, with only the last four hours of trading time to sell, which is also the last day of stock conversion.

At present, among the convertible bonds triggering forced redemption, there is also a high price bond of Zhende convertible bonds, with the price of about 400 yuan. The forced redemption of convertible bonds is basically 100 yuan plus interest, that is to say, 100 yuan. Therefore, the higher the purchase price is, the greater the loss of forced redemption at maturity will be.

In terms of Zhende convertible bonds, the latest price is not 399.57 yuan, while the forced redemption price is not 100.479 yuan. The last trading day is December 3, that is, the last trading days. If there is no operation, the investment holding Zhende convertible bonds will lose about 75%.

The latest balance shows that Zhende convertible bonds still have a face value of 30 million yuan (calculated by 100 yuan), which is equivalent to the market value of 120 million yuan at the price of 399 yuan.

The recent triggering of forced redemption, and the results of forced redemption show that there are still many investors who lose a lot of money.

On November 27, Yonggao convertible bonds issued forced redemption results, and 8959700 convertible bonds were forced to be redeemed at the price of 100.21 yuan per piece, and the corresponding amount was less than 8.9597 million yuan. However, the closing price of Yonggao convertible bonds on the last trading day was 117.88 yuan, and those who did not change shares at last would lose 15%!

Before that, subote also released the forced redemption result of BOT convertible bond. The BOT convertible bond which has not been converted into shares has reached 2.603 million yuan. The closing price of BOT convertible bond on November 17 was 139.42 yuan, and the redemption price was 100.34 yuan / piece. The investors who did not convert shares lost 28% in one day!

There is also the risk of premium on these convertible bonds

It is not only the risk of foreclosure, but also the risk of premium.

At present, the premium rate of conversion of Wanli convertible bonds on the last trading day of November 3, Zhonghuan convertible bonds on the last trading day of December and Yutong convertible bonds of the last trading day of January next year are significantly higher. The premium rate of Wanli convertible bond to equity was 5.86%, while that of Zhonghuan and Yutong was 14.62% and 4.66%, respectively.

In other words, if Wanli convertible bond shares do not rise or fall on November 30, and Wanli convertible bonds are converted into stocks, they will still lose money. Although Wanli convertible bonds have fallen in recent days, the current price is 128.29 yuan, while the value of converted shares is only 121.19 yuan, resulting in a stock loss of more than 5%.

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(source: China Foundation News)