The last month of 2020 will usher in these changes!

 The last month of 2020 will usher in these changes!

Photo by Jiang Yingxin

Chinas first special law on export control

From December 1, Chinas first special law in the field of export control, the law of the peoples Republic of China on export control, will be formally implemented.

With regard to the scope of export control, the law ensures that the controlled items, as well as the subject and behavior of control, are fully covered. Taking the controlled items as an example, according to the law, in addition to the traditional military and civil dual-use items, military products and nuclear products, and referring to the classification standards of foreign trade, other goods, technologies and services related to safeguarding national security and interests and fulfilling international obligations such as non-proliferation are included in the controlled items; at the same time, the controlled items include the relevant technical data and other data.

In addition, Article 48 of the export control law of the peoples Republic of China also stipulates that if any country or region abuses export control measures to endanger the national security and interests of the peoples Republic of China, the peoples Republic of China may, according to the actual situation, take reciprocal measures against the country or region.

Chart: a supermarket carries out an annual double 11 discount promotion. Photo by Zhang Yun

Implementation of new promotion regulations: businesses are not allowed to raise prices first and then reduce prices

From December, the State Administration of market supervision and administration of the peoples Republic of China will officially put into effect the Interim Provisions on regulating sales promotion behavior. The new regulations put forward clear requirements on the basic norms that operators should abide by in promotion activities.

The provisions specify that the operators shall clearly indicate the additional conditions or time limit for carrying out price promotion activities. For the phenomenon of raising the price first and then reducing the price when the operator carries out the promotion, the benchmark of discount and price reduction shall be clearly stipulated.

In addition, the regulations have made clear the relevant issues of the application of law, such as false publicity, commercial bribery and improper prize sales in the promotion activities, the relevant provisions of the Anti Unfair Competition Law shall be applied.

Photo: Tibet Airlines flight at Gongga Airport in Lhasa. Photo by he penglei

370 new domestic routes with market adjusted prices

Previously, the Civil Aviation Administration, together with the national development and Reform Commission, issued the notice on issues related to further deepening the reform of Civil Aviation domestic route transport price, which clearly states that, from December 1, 2020, the passenger and passenger transport prices of domestic routes operated by more than three (including three) air transport enterprises will be released (hereinafter referred to as domestic freight rates).

According to the list of newly added domestic routes with market regulated price released in the notice, 370 domestic routes with market adjusted price are mainly concentrated in the round-trip routes between second and third tier cities, and less routes involving first tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, etc.

At the same time, the competent civil aviation authorities will further strengthen the supervision of domestic freight rates, record price violations into credit records, and punish them in accordance with the civil aviation industry credit management measures (for Trial Implementation).

Information map: a long line has been formed in the registration hall of a hospital. Photo by Yang Bo

Pharmaceutical representatives shall not undertake the task of drug sales

Since December 1, the administrative measures for the record keeping of medical representatives (for Trial Implementation) organized by the State Food and drug administration came into effect.

The main tasks of medical representatives are specified in the measures, including: drawing up plans and plans for the promotion of pharmaceutical products; transmitting information related to pharmaceutical products to medical personnel; assisting medical personnel in the rational use of pharmaceutical products of the enterprise; and collecting and feeding back information on the clinical use of drugs and hospital demand.

In addition, medical personnel can communicate with each other in the form of academic conference, telephone conference, etc.

The measures also stipulates that medical representatives shall not have the following situations: carry out academic promotion activities without filing; carry out academic promotion activities without the consent of medical institutions; undertake drug sales tasks, implement collection and processing of purchase and sale bills and other sales behaviors; participate in the statistics of the number of drug prescriptions issued by individual doctors; and directly provide donations and funds to internal departments and individuals of medical institutions Assist or sponsor; mislead doctors to use drugs, exaggerate or mislead the curative effect, conceal the known adverse reaction information of drugs or conceal the adverse reaction information fed back by doctors; and other behaviors that interfere with or affect the rational use of drugs in clinical practice.

Those who engage in scientific research misconduct shall not be nominated for national science and technology awards

The revised regulations on national science and technology awards will come into force on December 1, 2020.

The highlight of the new regulation is that the way of Reporting Awards is changed from recommendation system to nomination system, the object of award is changed from citizen to individual, and the construction of credit system of science and technology award is proposed.

The regulations require the national science and technology awards to one vote veto scientific researchers and institutions who violate ethics or conduct scientific research misconduct in the nomination stage, and establish a database of serious dishonesty of scientific research integrity of nominated experts, scholars, organizations and evaluation committee members, evaluation experts and candidates.

New local regulations

From December 1, the regulations of Tianjin municipal solid waste management came into effect.

The above regulations clearly stipulate the relevant legal responsibilities. For example, if the domestic waste is not classified and put into the corresponding collection container, the urban administrative department shall order it to make corrections; if it refuses to make corrections, the unit shall be fined not less than 50000 yuan but not more than 500000 yuan, and the individual shall be fined not less than 100 yuan but not more than 500 yuan.

In order to ensure the implementation of the regulations as soon as possible after the formal implementation, Tianjin Urban Management Commission has formulated and completed two law enforcement procedures to ensure the comprehensive and effective implementation of the regulations.

Photo by News Agency reporter Zhang HENGWEI

u2014u2014Shanghai: implementation of the new measures for the settlement of introduced talents

The measures of Shanghai Municipality on the application of introducing talents for permanent residence in Shanghai will come into force on December 1, 2020 and will be valid until November 30, 2025.

Compared with the previous conditions, the measures specially increased the application channels for high skilled talents, market-oriented innovation and entrepreneurship talents. For example, for high skilled talents, the bidding channel of winning the Chinese skills award, the title of national technical expert, special allowance of the State Council, world skills competition awards and other honors has been added.

As for the application materials, the measures make it clear that in the all in one network system in Shanghai, if the information of the application materials can be verified through the use of electronic certificates and data sharing, the paper application materials can be exempted. If the qualified employer needs to introduce talents, the employer shall review the personal application materials and submit the application to the human resources and social security department and the authorized relevant departments through the all in one network system.

Chart: a supermarket in Haikou began to use biodegradable film bags. Photo by Wang Ziqian

u2014u2014Hainan: no disposable non degradable plastic bags

From December 1, the regulations on Prohibition of disposable non degradable plastic products in Hainan Special Economic Zone will be formally implemented.

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