Securities ETF scale surge, private placement optimistic about financial sector in the short term

 Securities ETF scale surge, private placement optimistic about financial sector in the short term

Specifically, since November, Cathay Pacific Securities ETF has obtained 926 million net subscription shares, ranking the first among all stock ETFs, surpassing the new energy vehicle ETF which has been widely concerned by the market. In the same period, Huabao securities company ETF obtained 830 million net subscription shares, ranking the third among all stock ETFs.

From the performance of the securities sector, every upward breakthrough in the market is the first breakthrough for securities companies. For example, during the period from July 1 to July 14, the Shanghai stock index rose rapidly by 14.41%, and the Shenwan securities index rose by 34.42%. But since November, the market has been more volatile, and the securities sector is in the process of adjustment.

Guangzhou Yuanshi investment and investment research department said that the driving factors of the securities sector are loose liquidity and good policy orientation. When the overall market is good, the performance elasticity of the board will be strengthened. At the same time, Chinas capital market reform continues to deepen, and the merger of securities companies is expected to become a potential catalytic factor in the securities sector. Therefore, in the cross year market, if the above expected duration is longer, there will be a relatively good subject trading opportunities in the securities sector.

It is not only the securities industry, but also the large financial sector which has attracted the attention of private placement recently. Xu Qiongna, general manager of Baomai investment, said that the securities sector has the characteristics of high elasticity, while the banking and insurance sectors have the potential for follow-up relay.

Xu Qiongna said that the layout of the securities sector needs patience. In addition, insurance and banking also benefit from the upward cycle of financial stocks. However, due to the high elasticity of securities companies, they can gradually switch to the banking and insurance sectors after the large start of the securities sector.

Specifically, in terms of insurance, the overall pressure of new insurance business this year is relatively low. However, in the context of economic recovery, some insurance companies have rebalanced their business structure, and the good start of the industry next year can be expected. At the same time, some leading companies with significant transformation effect have built up competitive advantages in the industry reform, and their investment value has been highlighted. In terms of banks, during the process of economic recovery, both investment and consumption demand are growing, which has a positive effect on the loan side of banks. Moreover, the recovery of corporate profitability can alleviate the repayment pressure and default problem, which is conducive to improving the asset quality of banks.

Source: Ren Hui, editor in charge of Shanghai Securities News_ NBJ9607