How to seize the opportunity of Hong Kong stock market through fund

 How to seize the opportunity of Hong Kong stock market through fund

On the evening of November 13, the Hang Seng index released the quarterly index adjustment results as usual. We can see from this index adjustment that the proportion of new economy is increasing. When the Hong Kong stock connect was just opened in 2014, the financial industry accounted for 47%, and in 2016, the financial industry still accounted for 46.8%. After this round of adjustment, the proportion of financial industry has dropped to 32%, and the proportion of optional consumption and information technology has accounted for 46%. It is expected that the long-term underpricing of Hong Kongs benchmark stocks and the long-term increase in the profitability of leading enterprises will change According to deppon fund.

According to the latest disclosure of the funds third quarterly report, many public funds have also increased their investment in Hong Kong stocks. Take meituan, an Internet leader, as an example. As of the third quarter, meituan appeared on the list of top 10 heavy positions of 219 funds, a significant increase compared with 123 funds in the second quarter. Among them, 30 funds, including huitianfu industry integration hybrid, Penghua Shanghai Shenzhen Hong Kong emerging growth hybrid, e-fund consumer selected stock, GF Hong Kong Stock Exchange high-quality growth hybrid, hold meituan as the largest heavy position stock.

Facing many Hong Kong stock funds in the market, how should investors choose? Huabao securities has made statistics on the returns of Hong Kong stock theme funds in each year since 2016. The conclusion is that the overall ability of Hong Kong stock theme funds to obtain excess returns is strong. However, combined with the volatility of excess return, the difference between different products is obvious. In addition, some products in different market characteristics, performance is not the same.

Specifically, Huabao Securities said in the research report that the overall performance of rich country, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Shenzhen value selection is good in different bull and bear ranges; the overall performance of rich Asia opportunity is good, and positive excess return can be obtained in most of the time, but the withdrawal control is weak in the fast falling market in 2020; the overall excess return of Huaan Shanghai Hong Kong Shenzhen opportunity and Huaan Shanghai Hong Kong Shenzhen stock exchange is obvious, and the fund has a good performance The results show that the managers have achieved positive excess returns in each period of time; the performance driven by the performance of rich countries, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Shenzhen is only moderate in the fast bull stage, and obvious excess returns are obtained in other periods.

Source: Ren Hui, editor in charge of Shanghai Securities News_ NBJ9607