Shenzhens new house: buyers dont pick anything as long as they have a house

 Shenzhens new house: buyers dont pick anything as long as they have a house

Dont pick anything

The extremely hot phase 1 housing selection of China Resources City Runxi has finally come to an end. The main promotion is 100-200 square meters, and the average price is as high as 131000 yuan / square meter. However, due to the gap with the surrounding second-hand houses of 30000-40000 yuan per square meter, the price of more than 10 million yuan still attracted 9687 non housing customers. The first price they paid for this was to freeze the earnest registration deposit of 3.5 million yuan per person.

Li Xi is very lucky, he was shortlisted on the spot selection list. After working in Shenzhen for nearly 10 years, his earnest money and down payment are his own savings and help from his parents. Speaking of this, he not only felt lucky, but also felt very strange: fortunately, I had family members to help me. You said that the price of a luxury house was sold to those who didnt have a house. How many people can achieve this only by working in Shenzhen? The current purchase of the first house buyers are not necessarily really rigid

Speaking of his own experience of building a new house, Li Xi thinks it is even more strange: the practical rate of new housing projects is getting lower and lower now. Many houses with a total area of about 100 square meters can only do three bedrooms, one living room and one bathroom. Moreover, the houses are getting higher and higher. There are now 40 or 50 story super high-rise houses everywhere.

In any case, floor, unit type these buying indicators in front of the price difference is insignificant. Li Xi showed several new groups in the mobile phone to reporters, in which almost no one paid attention to the quality index of the house itself. What I heard most at the site of house selection is such a sentence. No matter what floor and house type are left, as long as there is a room to buy, nothing is selected. They directly appeal that they expect the existing house price to at least double.

Even if you dont pick anything, its not easy to prepare earnest money for registration. Especially recently, new houses have been piled up in the market. Sometimes, it hasnt been thawed here, and theres a new market. Its too late. Li Xi said, tens of millions of luxury houses face no housing just need, no room just need, now we have to put forward millions of sincere registration deposit.

Policy loopholes need to be filled

Before, some intermediaries advised me to find someone to replace the second-hand house. After all, the second-hand house can be moved in as soon as possible, and the new one has to wait for a long time. But Im still worried about the risk and dare not do it, Chen said

At this time, the phenomenon of real estate agent holding with great risk came into view again. A manager of a financial company told reporters that if they are eager to create new houses in the recent new housing boom, there are still people in the market who can help operate the housing agency, that is, both parties to the purchase of real estate signed a real estate agency agreement (i.e. borrowing the name of the house purchase contract), all of them have the property purchase qualification in Shenzhen and have no house in hand. More intermediaries told reporters that the price of holding on behalf of quota in Shenzhen market is very high, and the price of new hot spot stocks has even reached six figures.

Li Xi also recalled the scene in the selection site: outside the selection venue, he heard some people keep making such a voice, what type of house is left now? Send me a sales control form as soon as possible

Yan Yuejin, research director of the think tank center of E-House Research Institute, said that housing agent holding can not only see the result of investment and speculation, but also see the rise of house prices. If the subsequent houses can not be sold, or some other losses are caused to the borrowed house buyers, it will lead to many problems and contradictions, and for such disputes, the judgment results of different places are different. For people who want to use this way to buy a house, dont feel like you have a way to control everything.

More than four months after the 715 new deal on property market regulation, Shenzhens real estate market has experienced unexpected differentiation: new housing is still in high temperature, and second-hand house owners listing price is still high, which leads to the low transaction price. Against these background, it is the new housing market with a turnover of more than 4000 units in the three months from August to October. November is as hot as the coming December.

Li Yujia, chief researcher of Guangdong housing policy research center, wrote that real estate regulation is a mirror of urban governance. Recently, Shenzhen has made a lot of efforts in the regulation of the property market, but it is far from scientific, refined and intelligent. Regulation is more important than governance. For example, is the real estate with a unit price of 130000 yuan just needed? Which homeowner can afford it? If the office has made a policy, it should continue to pay attention to it and conduct field research to see if there is a landing, whether there is a loophole, and whether to fill the loophole. At the same time, according to the changes in the micro market, we should subdivide different types of demand and treat them differently in policy, so as to protect the real rigid demand and curb speculation with heavy taxes.

Just on November 28, jiangangshan No.1 and Lingxiu garden of Lingxiu city in Baoan were in two sets of sunlight, while Jiahua Lingyue square in Pingshan, which opened on the same day, was close to liquidation. On the 29th, the bright new market of wanghongqu came again. The new housing boom at the end of the year in Shenzhen is still continuing