Suspected Shen Jiaxins overseas account number: lost his job because he was blocked by Zhong Nanshan

 Suspected Shen Jiaxins overseas account number: lost his job because he was blocked by Zhong Nanshan

In the suspected overseas social networking account of Shen Jiaxin, there was a post saying: the impact of the incident is getting bigger and bigger, which is beyond my imagination when I tweet! She also admitted that many fans and netizens who supported her also began to blame her, saying that she wanted to be famous to do so, and asked her to apologize and even put pressure on the company.

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Artist Shen Jiaxin questions Zhong Nanshan, arouses public indignation, Huayi Brothers make an urgent statement

Netease Entertainment reported on November 29 that Shen Jiaxin, an online user, recently made a speech on the social networking platform, publicly questioning academician Zhong Nanshan. His words were outrageous. At present, the user has been banned for 15 days for malicious marketing.

In her brief introduction, Shen Jiaxin wrote that she was a pop singer actress in mainland China and a super talk host of Huayi Brothers artists. Her representative work was sunny on July 7. However, after searching all over the Internet, no information and works of the artist were found. Some netizens questioned that this artist was a fake artist. From the perspective of her articles, all of them were warm and used various extreme languages to gain attention. It is worth mentioning that the netizen who claimed to be an artist did not upload personal photos on the social platform.

Netizens have left messages that Shen Jiaxin should be banned. They think that this kind of artist is too ignorant. Academician Zhong Nanshans contribution is obvious to all. However, the punishment for Shen Jiaxins behavior of no bottom line and wide concern is obviously too light. He also denounced Huayi Brothers and questioned whether there were such artists in his company.

On the evening of November 28, Huayi Brothers issued a statement on the social platform, saying that Shen Jiaxin is an artist of Huayi Brothers on the Internet is false information, and Shen Jiaxin has no relationship with Huayi Brothers. And said for this incident, will reserve the right to pursue through legal means.

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