Online fans and staff discuss recording Xiao Zhans anti counterfeiting team refuting rumors

 Online fans and staff discuss recording Xiao Zhans anti counterfeiting team refuting rumors

In this regard, Xiao Zhans anti-counterfeiting team sent an article to refute the rumor, the content and team information of artists involved in the audio are not true. As for the endless rumors and defamation from the outside world, the team is taking legal measures to protect artists, and has made some progress. Please wait for the results. Spread rumors, dont believe it! I dont approve of any illegitimate behavior.

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Xiao Zhans support association responds to the Sichuan American incident: does not agree with extreme behavior

Netease Entertainment reported on October 9 that the incident of Xiao Zhans fans, Chuanmei, has aroused heated discussion recently. On October 8, the official micro blog of Xiao Zhan video and audio society responded to the incident, calling for attention to our own family and refusing group antagonism, saying: we are all independent individuals, and we get together because we love each other. Xiao Zhans fans strongly disapprove of any extreme behavior that provokes antagonism in the group. Every fan should be responsible for his words and deeds. We call on us to focus on our own family, refuse group antagonism, and not blindly follow suit to create a harmonious environment for the Internet.

According to previous reports, in October 5th, Xiao Shengs birthday was announced by netizens who make complaints about Xiao war fans to celebrate their birthday for idols. They gathered at the gate of Sichuan Fine Art Institute, and wrote two big characters on the graffiti wall of Sichuan America. This time fans gathered for Xiao Zhanqing, which triggered many Sichuan American students Tucao.

It is reported that Xiao Zhans fans said that the reason why Xiao Zhan didnt go to Chuanmei was due to cheating in the schools examination papers. This time, Xiao Zhan gathered in Chuanmei to celebrate Xiao Zhans birthday is also to make up for the regret that Xiao Zhan failed to pass the examination of Chuanmei. However, according to people familiar with the matter, Xiao Zhans school and major are the last choice for art students in Chongqing. After all, the school of modern international art of Chongqing University of technology and technology is a very young secondary school, and Xiao Zhan himself was working as a designer before joining the circle. However, most netizens dont approve of Chuanmeis fraud.

Compared with the excitement of fans, Xiao Zhan, who was celebrating his birthday, kept a low profile. On October 5, he wrote a silent article on the social platform to celebrate his birthday: gei 29: Zhan, I hope you can still live happily and freely in the next year, and always see the sunshine. Treat anything can keep hot, stick to it! Get rid of troubles and cherish the present. Thanks to mom and dad for their 24-hour shelter. We should work harder and become their dependence. To me, 29, and to you. May we all be the best of ourselves! Safe and happy, run against the wind ~ did not make a clear response to this matter.

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