Liang Jiejian and Pu Bajia break up and they are engaged for two years without marriage

 Liang Jiejian and Pu Bajia break up and they are engaged for two years without marriage

Netease Entertainment reported on November 29th, on November 28th, some netizens accidentally found that there were breakup entries under the related topics between the male star Pu Bajia and his girlfriend Liang Jie. As soon as the news came out, people immediately began to discuss and pay attention to it.

It has been reported that Pu Bajia and Liang Jie got married during the shooting of the TV series catching the wolf. Perhaps it is a long-term love, two people soon know each other. But at that time, it seemed that there was no official announcement for various reasons.

In July 2017, some media photographed Pu Bajia and Liang Jie chatting intimately in a restaurant, thus exposing their relationship. At that time, they were wearing lovers hats and hugging each other; sometimes they had sweet kisses, sometimes they put on all kinds of funny expressions, and their manners were extremely intimate.

Love to the depths of the time, Liang Jie also playfully bit the fingers of the Pu PA Jia, causing the mans pain to wink, very funny. After a pleasant meal in the restaurant, the two left together, arm in hand, just like a couple in love.

Not long after this incident was exposed, Pu Bajia made a high-profile proposal to Liang Jie by updating the news on his personal social platform and was successful. At that time, friends, netizens and fans in the entertainment circle were all happy and congratulated. They hoped that they would get married soon. Unexpectedly, only two years later, they were reported to break up, puzzling.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Chen Shaojie_ b6952