Hu Xijin: the United States is careful to provoke disputes with China

 Hu Xijin: the United States is careful to provoke disputes with China

On November 28, 2020 answer u00b7 year end show jointly sponsored by observer network and watching video studio, which was created by Guanzhong media and co sponsored by viewer network and video studio, was solemnly staged in Shanghai.

Hu Xijin, editor in chief of the global times, who was invited to attend the event, frequently made golden sentences and focused on Sino US relations.

Hu Xijin started with a humorous self styled Kung Fu Panda dish, stressing that he was neither hawkish nor dove. He said that he is not an expert on Sino US issues, but as a media man, standing at the forefront of the public opinion war, he has a better understanding of Sino US relations than many ordinary people do. He feels that the United States has punched me in the chest.

In Hu Xijins opinion, the United States deliberately provokes disputes with China, especially trade frictions. The important reason is that the United States is cautious: the United States has all kinds of doubts about China, and we have a strategic game. I think the most fundamental thing is to say it simply, be careful.

Hu Xijin said that in people to people exchanges, the mind of being cautious needs to be hidden, but in the relations between big powers, there is no need to pretend.. The U.S. mentality towards China can be summed up in two aspects: hostility and realistic understanding. China is so big and its development prospects are so good that it is hard for it On the other hand, Americans are increasingly feeling the power of China.

Hu also said that American politicians, whether trump or Biden, who is about to take office, want to profit from Sino US relations.

In order to achieve this goal, the United States does not dare to launch a hot war, because the lessons learned on the Korean Peninsula 70 years ago were profound enough. Whats more, China is still a nuclear power. As for the cold war, it is not easy. Hu Xijin takes Chinese students studying in the United States as an example: if all the overseas students return home, who will be open to American universities?

One of the few remaining tools may be a war of opinion: low cost, but also a favorite of the US government.

He observed that the public opinion offensive launched by the United States has quietly changed, it used to attack China, but now it has become a political system that focuses on attacking China.. Hu Xijin pointed out that such means are very vicious. They attempt to cut off the close ties between the people and the ruling party and try to subvert the regime. However, the only way to deal with such means is to fight to the end.

Hu Xijin believes that the most important two points in observing the trend of Sino US relations after Biden came to power are: first, whether the Biden government continues to vilify China and attack Chinas political system; second, whether China is still groundlessly accused of being the birthplace of the virus.

Finally, Hu Xijin concluded, although the structural contradictions between China and the United States lie here, so does the strategy of the United States We still cant give up. We should actively strive for, guide and shape a relatively predictable and more rule-based Sino US competitive relationship.

Source: editor in charge: Chen Hequn_ NB12679