Index up, but accounts shrink? The reason why shareholders lost money in November was found

 Index up, but accounts shrink? The reason why shareholders lost money in November was found

Of the more than 4000 A-shares, 2535 rose this month and 1493 fell (as of November 27, excluding the secondary new shares listed in November). The median A shares rose 2.7%.

According to small statistics, 59 stocks fell more than 20% in November (excluding the secondary new shares listed in November). From the perspective of industry distribution, pharmaceutical and biological industry accounted for 17 stocks, followed by computer, media and chemical industry, with 8, 7 and 6 respectively.

November 20 bear stocks

Source: wind

In addition to the withdrawal of Kaidi, the gems Kangyue technology led the decline of a shares this month by nearly 45%.

Kang is a hi-tech enterprise that integrates R & D and sales of turbochargers. On November 25, Kangyue technology fell by 20%, and then fell by 17.76% and 8% in the following two trading days. The company announced on the evening of 25th that the proposal of major asset acquisition (acquisition of pharmaceutical assets) was approved by the general meeting of shareholders, and announced on the evening of 26 that Kangyue investment intends to reduce the holding of no more than 21.02 million shares (accounting for 6% of the total share capital of the company).

In addition, the media sectors insai group, one net one creation, agricultural sectors Jingji Zhinong, Haili biology, chemical industrys Mingchen health and other stocks also fell more than 30% this month.

Medicine and biology become bear stock concentration camp

Pharmaceutical stocks are the largest adjustment in November plate, the drop in the magnitude of many people exclaim market style change.. Among the stocks that fell more than 20% this month, 17 stocks in the pharmaceutical and biological industry and 9 stocks fell between 18% and 20% in the month.

The pharmaceutical and biological sector this month can be called both the mud and the sand. Among the stocks with a large decline, there are many big bull stocks with many institutions. The decline of meinian health, Tibet pharmaceutical and Kaipu biology ranked among the top three in this months pharmaceutical and biological plate.

Recently, with the results of the annual national health insurance negotiations coming out, the pharmaceutical sector turmoil intensified. In addition, according to the analysis of China Development securities, especially since November, with the release of foreign vaccine research results, the global epidemic situation is expected to become clearer, and the industry has continued to callback, with the largest decline, and substantially underperformed the index.

However, due to the larger growth of the pharmaceutical and biological plate this year, even after this months adjustment, many stocks have still gained considerable gains this year. For example, Zhende medical, shuoshi biology, Bohui innovation and other stocks, after falling by more than 20% this month, have still increased by more than 200% since this year; Tibet pharmaceutical and Zhifei biology have still increased by more than 100% after adjustment this month.

Pharmaceutical stocks down more than 20% in November

Source: wind (data as of November 27)

The biggest adjustment in pharmaceutical stocks this month is the year of health in the field of physical examination. Judging from the K-line, meinian health dropped from a high of 17.73 yuan (October 30) for five consecutive days to about 12 yuan.

The sharp adjustment of us new year health is related to Alibabas reduction. On the evening of November 4, meinian Health announced that Alibaba network, the shareholder, reduced 1.3794% of the companys shares by block trading from November 2 to 3. After the reduction, Alibaba network and Hangzhou xintou, acting in concert, held 13.0276% of the shares.

According to the third quarter report, among the top ten shareholders with unlimited sales conditions in meinian health, there are e-funds medium and small cap mixed funds managed by well-known fund manager Zhang Kun. In addition, the third quarter report predicts that the companys net profit in 2020 will be about 10 million yuan to 30 million yuan, turning losses into profits year on year. According to the company, the reason for the loss recovery is that the company is actively promoting the transfer of some shares of the holding subsidiary Meiyin Health Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Meinian Health announced in the afternoon on November 26 that the company intends to transfer 20.0607% equity of meigene to related parties Qingdao Lingze, and non related parties Xiamen fanding, Qingdao Huichuang, Liu Yi and Si Yali, with a total transfer price of 542 million yuan.

Some of the stocks with a large decline this month also announced the full year performance forecast of 2020. For example, Zhende medical and Mingchen health are expected to achieve a substantial increase in net profit attributable to the mother in 2020 compared with that in 2019. It remains to be seen whether stock prices can be supported as a result.