Who is blatantly cutting leek?

 Who is blatantly cutting leek?

Since this year, due to the limitation of offline consumption, live delivery with goods has become popular overnight. Under the influence of online shopping with goods in the head, goods can be easily sold out in a few seconds in the live room. According to the firefly statistics, the total sales of Weiya Taobao studio reached 437 million yuan on the night of October 31 alone. It is no wonder that A-share listed companies have come to join the live broadcast army with the cooperation of online celebrities.

Since May this year, a number of listed companies from textile and clothing, film and television, software and other fields have joined hands with the live webcast to share a share of the live with goods sales platform.

Take the once hot Saturday (002291. SZ), as the first listed company of womens shoes in Shenzhen A shares, closed 1096 stores from 2015 to 2019 due to poor management, which decreased by nearly 50%. At the end of 2019, with the live with goods mode on Saturday, the stock price turned over. There were 16 limit boards in 25 transactions, and the highest stock price reached 36.56 yuan.

Mengjie shares (002397. SZ), another representative online Red concept stock, has fallen by more than 30% since hitting a six month high in May this year. According to the third quarter report of Mengjie shares, the companys revenue from January to September was 1.356 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 19.64%; and the net profit attributable to the parent company decreased by 85%.

After the net red halo faded, the above companies showed only unsatisfactory fundamentals and performance reports.

This year, because of the epidemic situation and the impact of online and offline sales platforms, the market has given a premium to online Red concept stocks. After the fake door and single door live data flooding events exposed, investors become more cautious, a Shanghai public fund manager told the first finance and economics reporter, speculation in the concept of online red may attract a lot of attention of Listed Companies in a short period of time, but when the heat disappears, the market will re test these online Red economy concept stocks u3002u201d

The reporter noted that the shareholders of the two listed companies frequently reduced their holdings during the concept speculation. On Saturday, the controlling shareholders announced the reduction plan on December 25, 2019. Up to the expiration date, the controlling shareholders reduced their shares accounting for 3.587% of the companys total share capital, and cashed in more than 600 million yuan. In July 2020, the companys controlling shareholders announced that they would reduce their holdings of 4% of the companys total share capital again.

The shareholders and supervisors of Mengjie Co., Ltd. announced the reduction plan from April to August in 2020. Among them, the 7 million shares of Wu Jing were reduced on November 13, with the price range between 5.28 yuan / share and 7.03 yuan / share. As of November 27, Mengjie shares closed 4.9 yuan.