Maotai Group held a forum: let consumers buy and drink wine

 Maotai Group held a forum: let consumers buy and drink wine

Gao Weidong pointed out that in view of the challenges and impacts brought about by the epidemic, manufacturers have joined hands to strengthen their confidence and actively respond to the challenges and impacts brought about by the epidemic. They have insisted on the prevention and control of the epidemic and the marketing at the same time, which has provided strong support for the stable growth of Maotais performance, which is the result of joint efforts of all. At present, the Northeast market still has a huge space for development. We should firmly grasp the sauce wine upsurge, tell the story of sauce wine, guide and cultivate consumer groups in combination with local consumption habits, and closely follow the national Northeast Revitalization Strategy to realize aggregate development. At the same time of their own development, dealers should better feed back the three northeast provinces in the fields of education, medical treatment and agriculture, and fulfill the social responsibility and mission of enterprises.

Gao Weidong (second from the right) and others investigated the Maotai liquor store of Dalian jinxiangyi company

In view of the next step of marketing work, Gao Weidong stressed that it is necessary to build consensus, strengthen the foundation, effectively respond to market changes, seize opportunities for development, and constantly improve the marketing level. The construction of red culture should be based on the tradition, focus on the culture, and stick to the tradition and culture. Dealers should continue to be good communicators of Maotai culture and share weal and woe with Maotai. With the new years day and the Spring Festival approaching, dealers should always do a good job of controlling prices and stabilizing the market, and take effective measures to enable consumers to buy and drink wine.

Gao Shans speech

Gaoshan pointed out that provinces, distributors and channel operators should deeply understand the spirit of the conference and accurately grasp the market environment and development trend of liquor industry. We should adhere to the problem orientation, be brave in taking responsibility, focus on the target and task, pay close attention to the implementation of the work, further tighten the responsibility of the work, sprint for 36 days and win the whole year, promote the implementation and details of various marketing decisions, and strive to create a new pattern of high-quality development and great strides forward in Maotai.

Some dealers speak

At the meeting, the provincial and regional leaders of Maotai liquor, Maotai flavor liquor series and Xijiu reported on the market work in the three northeast provinces. Dealers and channel merchants had in-depth interaction and frank communication on the aspects of aggregation marketing, cultural communication and channel expansion, and expressed that they would always maintain their determination and consensus, build the market and create better results.

Before the meeting, Gao Weidong and his party also visited and investigated Dalian xiangyuanxi company, jinxiangyi company, etc., and got a detailed understanding of the operation, liquor display, Maotai culture publicity, etc.

Wang Xiaowei, deputy general manager of Maotai Liquor Co., Ltd., Wang Zhiming, assistant general manager of Maotai Group, and relevant department heads attended the above activities.

(source: media center of Maotai Group) (CIS)