Green media hype TSMC directors job hopping from mainland to Taiwan

 Green media hype TSMC directors job hopping from mainland to Taiwan

If you dont want the brain drain, you should raise your salary. If you dont want the brain drain, you should raise your salary. As the old saying goes, if you can only afford bananas, you can only invite monkeys. One Taiwanese netizen commented.

Comments of Taiwan netizens on Taiwan media reports

For example, the entrepreneur said that Zhou, who has a strong specialty in the field of etching, and a director named Wu, who once worked in the diffusion Department of TSMC South Science and technology plant, both served as senior directors in the spring core engineering department.

The official website of Quanxin integrated circuit manufacturing (Jinan) Co., Ltd. can not be opened normally at present.

Qixinbao shows that the company was established in January 2019 with a registered capital of 5.95 billion yuan. Its business scope includes large-scale integrated circuit production and mask manufacturing, pin testing, packaging, testing and related services.

Jinan Jixin industrial development investment partnership is currently the largest shareholder of Jinan Quanxin, holding 42% of shares; Eason integrated technology (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd. is its second largest shareholder, accounting for 41.2%.

Screenshot of qixinbao

Taiwan media reported that one of the managers of Eason integration was Xia Jinqiu, a former TSMC senior technician. He was one of the six TSMC senior technicians taken away by former TSMC R & D director Liang Mengsong when he moved to Samsung.

For rumors, TSMC said: no comment.

At the same time, TSMC said in a statement that in addition to taking the necessary legal measures, the company also protects intellectual property rights through the organization of personnel, processes and technology to ensure competitiveness.

The Apple Daily, which is called poisonous apple, insisted: how can we let these people empty Taiwans technology, worry about the outflow of TSMC technology to the mainland, and called them traitors.

Shopping malls are all about poaching on each other. If there is a dispute, it will be a lawsuit. Where there is any treason, it is apple newss own hate China ideology

In fact, there is no so-called treason, as long as it does not violate the non competition clause.

Cant afford to pay a high salary to stay, also means that the former owner has no competitive advantage, so its natural to leave.

If you leave, you say he is a traitor, but if you come, you say he shares the same ideals?

There are also netizens in Taiwan who said that the job hopping of a person is the matter of Zhang Zhongmou, the former chairman of TSMC. Who should review the background of many peoples leaving their hometown to change jobs?

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